Member feedback is sought through ISA survey

     The Iowa Soybean Association (ISA) is seeking feedback from members through their annual farmer survey.

     “ISA values your input,” says ISA president Jeff Jorgenson, who farms near Sidney. “This is your association and your opportunity to help shape the future of the organization, so it can continue to serve you effectively.”

     ISA members will receive an e-mail invitation from the association this week asking them to participate in the online survey. The survey should only take 10-15 minutes to complete. All responses will remain anonymous and confidential. Not an ISA member? Visit for information on joining, and ISA will send you a link to the survey.

     ISA wants to know your thoughts on various topics, including:

     • The importance and value of ISA programs and services.

     • The credibility and reliability of information provided by ISA.

     • The opportunities and challenges impacting your farm and the soybean industry.

     • Your participation in conservation practices, and more.

     “We take our responsibility to serve soybean farmers seriously,” says ISA senior director of information and education Aaron Putze. “Feedback from our members is important. Hearing from farmers in the field helps us tailor our efforts and offerings to better serve them.” 

Data-driven work

     ISA has emphasized farmer opinion surveys since 2012 as a way to gauge sentiments from the field and the association’s performance on critical issues. The 2019 survey yielded valuable insights for ISA and helped shape conversations about programming and other efforts within the organization. Taken by 443 farmers in October-November 2019, the survey showed:

     • 46 percent of Iowa soybean farmers also raised livestock and poultry (beef cattle and pigs tied at 17 percent each; 7 percent have poultry while 5 percent dairy).

     • 41 percent of Iowa soybean farmers surveyed rented ground they farm. This compares to 53 percent in 2018 and 55 percent in 2017.

     • The majority of Iowa soybean farmers (36 percent) grew between 180-499 acres of soybeans annually. Additionally, 25 percent farmed 500-1,000 acres of soybeans while 16 percent grew 80-179 acres of soybeans.

     • More farmers are using biodiesel. 60 percent of soybean farmers said they use biodiesel in 2019 compared to 51 percent in 2018 and 48 percent in 2016 and 43 percent in 2014.

     • Marketing internationally is the most important factor to profitability, said 60 percent of soybean farmers. 56 percent said “improving consumer trust in modern agriculture” followed by passage of state and federal legislation favorable to agriculture.

     • 56 percent of soybean farmers surveyed have a four-year or advanced degree.

     As a token of appreciation, ISA will randomly select 50 respondents to receive a $10 online gift card that can be redeemed at a variety of retailers upon completion of the survey.

     If you have any questions about the survey, please contact Aaron Putze at or 515-334-1099.

     Advocate members should note that this survey is separate from the ISA Policy Issue Surfacing & Priority Survey they will be receiving around the same time and they are encouraged to complete both. 


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