Meyer excited to take over Monticello Family Dentistry

Dr. Lindsey Meyer
Kim Brooks
Express Editor

     “It’s nice to come into an already established business.”

     As of March 1, Dr. Lindsey Meyer, with AppleWhite Dental Partners out of Dubuque, is the new owner of Monticello Family Dentistry. The change took place following Dr. Brian James’ retirement.

     Meyer previously worked at Manchester Dental Clinic, but is glad to be working in Monticello where she’s raising her family.

     “It’s nice to practice in the town where we live,” she said.

     Meyer and her husband, Rick, moved to Monticello when she was in her last year of dental school. Looking for job opportunities in Jones County, Meyer landed in Manchester.

     “I’ve loved it in Manchester; it’s been wonderful,” she said fondly. “But I’m excited to be working close to home.”

     During the initial transition, Meyer will continue to work at both Manchester and Monticello until a new dentist is hired in Manchester.

     She said they are also looking for a dentist to assist in Dyersville at Stone Creek Dental, which was also overseen by Dr. James.

     “Dr. James is helping in the meantime in Dyersville,” she said.

     She admitted the ownership change happened fast, but she’s excited to hit the ground running. Already last week, she was seeing patients in Monticello, introducing herself to the team.

     Meyer has been working in the dental industry for nine years now, and continues to seek new learning opportunities around every corner.

     “I am a continuing education junkie,” joked Meyer. “I want to find the best available ways to help my patients.”

     She received her undergraduate degree in biology from the University of South Dakota. She earned her master’s degree in evolutionary biology from the University of Iowa, where she also attended dental school.

     As for why dental school appealed to her, Meyer said she was influenced by her sister who was also pursuing the same field.

     “I was always interested in healthcare,” she said. “My sister was in dental school, and I thought it sounded appealing.”

     Meyer values lifelong learning, which is why she continues to look for additional educational opportunities. She is currently working on a master’s degree from the Academy of General Dentistry.

     “I just want to prove that I’m dedicated to providing excellent care and do my best for the patients,” Meyer said.

     She said earning a distinction from the Academy is more of a professional honor than anything.

     In addition, Meyer has already achieved a fellowship through the Academy of General Dentistry.

     There will be some exciting changes coming to Monticello Family Dentistry in the coming months. Meyer said they hope to expand the hours, being open more days and later hours.

     “We want to make it more convenient,” she said.

     Two new staff members have also been hired, a dental assistant and a dental hygienist.

     Meyer is an Invisalign provider (clear braces), and plans to offer that as a new service to patients in Monticello.

     She also works with area dental surgeons to replace missing teeth via dental implants.

     “I help restore the function,” she said of procedure.

     Meyer said she knows many people have “dental anxiety” when it comes to seeing dentists. She hopes to make the experience, overall, more comfortable for everyone.

     “I am excited to be part of the community and look forward to doing more here,” she said.

     Monticello Family Dentistry is located at 630 S. Main St.



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