MFD keeps community going during COVID-19

Monticello Firefighters Johnny Russ and Brian Hinrichs volunteered their time to assist Legacy Lanes last week in delivering food orders. Many of the local restaurants have benefitted from the aid of the MFD. (Photo by Kim Brooks)

The MFD was busy during its first week of delivering food from local restaurants to customers throughout the community. Firefighter Josh Kelchen hands an order to 8-year-old Lily Hall at her home. (Photo submitted)
Kim Brooks
Express Editor

     The Monticello Fire Department has been busy these last couple of weeks, and it’s not necessarily fighting fires.

     In light of businesses being shut down due to coronavirus (COVID-19), restaurants/bars have had to resort to carry-outs and deliveries to keep business going and money flowing in.

     Last week, the MFD started offering volunteer services to several restaurants in Monticello by delivering food orders throughout the MFD district (within 5 miles of city limits). April 13 will be the start of the second week of the special deliveries.

     “We saw on Facebook that the Springville and Lisbon fire departments were doing the same thing,” said Fire Chief Joe Bayne. “So we decided to take part in it, too.”

     Basically, the fire trucks pull up to your house with your food delivery and sounds the sirens to notify you of their arrival. Many children throughout the community have enjoyed seeing the fire trucks show up at their homes.

     Here is a list of the MFD delivery schedule:

     • Monday – The Cone Shoppe

     • Wednesday – La Hacienda Mexican Restaurant and Pizza Ranch

     • Thursday – Legacy Lanes

     • Friday – Darrell’s A Family Tradition and Hillside Sports Bar & Grill

     • Saturday – Diamond Pi

     At a couple of the locations, delivery orders were so plentiful that the MFD had to call in an additional truck and volunteers.

     “Legacy Lanes had over 80 deliveries that one night,” shared Bayne.

     The MFD encourages the community to support all local restaurants and businesses at this hard time, even the nights the MFD is not doing specific deliveries.

     “Everybody has been really positive and grateful about this,” said Bayne. “It’s all been good.”

     In addition to making food deliveries, the MFD has spent the last two weeks or so helping young people of the community (and some older ones) celebrate their birthdays.

     “This was something that was just brought up for those kids who have birthdays right now and can’t have people over for a party,” explained Bayne.

     In keeping with the Governor’s social distancing rule and no more than 10 people gathering at once, kids’ birthday parties are not what they used to be right now. So, the MFD and Monticello Ambulance Service have been driving by the birthday kid’s home, blaring their sirens and lights. This weekend on April 12, they wished Aisling Ryan a happy eighth birthday by driving by her house in Monticello.

     “We’ve already done a dozen drive-bys,” said Bayne of a busy birthday season.

     Those interested in having the MFD drive by their home to wish their loved one a happy birthday can contact the Monticello Police Department at 465-3526 or Nick Kahler with MFD.


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