MFD receives new life-saving equipment

This 2020 Freightliner fire truck will be in service with the MFD on Oct. 1. The department recently purchased the pumper truck after selling a 1995 pumper to Belle Plaine FD. (Photo submitted)
Kim Brooks
Express Editor

     The Monticello Fire Department has some new equipment in their possession.

     A couple of weeks ago, the MFD received its new 2020 Freightliner Pumper Truck.

     Fire Chief Joe Bayne said the department purchases a new pumper or tanker every 25 years, with two of each in the fleet. Earlier this year in March, the MFD sold its 1995 pumper to the Belle Plaine Fire Department.

     The new pumper is updated with features specified by the MFD, having been manufactured by Toyne Fire Apparatus out of Breda, Iowa.

     One of those updates on the truck allows the department to do a front attack, with a hose on the front of the truck. This can be helpful during a vehicle fire, an accident, or a small brush fire.

     In addition, the new pumper does not require a generator to keep it running.

     It also has all LED lights, which are brighter than the other vehicles.

     Bayne credits former MFD Chief Don McCarthy for starting the process of finding a new truck for the department before he stepped down. (McCarthy passed away in March of this year from pancreatic cancer.)

     “This is his legacy,” noted Bayne.

     The department is planning to add a commemorative decal to the new truck in honor of McCarthy’s service and leadership to the department.

     The MFD has money set aside every year for the purchase of trucks on their fleet. That money stems from fundraisers and donations from the community.

     “Those are part of our budget,” said Bayne.

     Purchases of pumpers and tankers like this come with a hefty price tag: $335,000. The city helps fund those purchases.

     From the time that McCarthy ordered the truck and a committee formed to research the right specs to include in the blueprints, it took about 16 months for Toyne to deliver the finished product.

     This new MF8 will be put into operation Oct. 1.

     Thanks to a $2,500 Rural First Responder Grants grant from Mercy Medical Center, the MFD was also able to purchase two AEDs (automated external defibrillator). One will be placed inside a truck and the other mounted inside the fire station for the public to use if needed in an emergency.

     The total cost for the AEDs was $3,300. Bayne said the purchase wouldn’t have been possible had it not been for the Mercy grant.

     “Our old AED was outdated, so we had to take it out of service,” said Monticello Firefighter and Paramedic David Husmann.

     Fortunately for the MFD, they’ve never had to use their AED, but that doesn’t mean the time won’t come.

     Both Bayne and Husmann said AEDs might be needed when on a fire call for their own firefighters in distress, or a victim in a fire.

     “As far as firefighters statistics go,” said Bayne, “cardiac arrest tops the list.”

     Husmann provided a brief demonstration of the new AEDs, which are automated. Once the machine is turned on, it verbally walks you through the steps one would perform to restore someone’s heart rhythm. They come equipped with pads for adults and children.

     Husmann said another cool feature is that the AEDs are compatible with those used by the Monticello Ambulance Service. So a patient could be easily hooked up to another AED and transferred from the scene of a fire to the hospital if needed.


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