MHS collects 29 ‘ones’ at State Speech Contest

     Speech students at Monticello High School came away with 29 Division I ratings and four “II” ratings during the State Individual Speech Contest Saturday, March 9 at North Scott High School in Eldridge.

     All-State nominations will not be announced until Saturday, March 16, as state contests from other sites were postponed until this week.

     Receiving “I” ratings:

     Hannah Ahlrichs – Poetry.

     Amelia Anderson – Literary Program.

     Brianna Burmahl – Original Oratory.

     Kehde Campbell – Improv.

     Jeff Carlson – Radio News.

     Sully Flynn – Radio News & Storytelling.

     Matthew Fokken – Expository Address.

     Gabe Goodyear – Prose.

     Olivia Goodyear – Prose and Expository Address.

     Chloe Gray – After-Dinner Speaking.

     Sophie Gray – Literary Program.

     Dalton Hampson – Spontaneous Speaking.

     Robby Holmes – Solo Musical Theater.

     Grant Hospodarsky  – Improv and Storytelling.

     Payton Jaeger – Storytelling and Radio News.

     Evee Krouse  – Review.

     Evan Martensen  –  Literary Program.

     Makenna Patterson  – Original Oratory.

     Grahm Schneiter – Storytelling.

     Presley Tapken – Solo Musical Theater and Prose.

     Levi Temple – Solo Musical Theater and Review.

     Micah Williams – After-Dinner Speaking and Prose.

     Receiving “II” ratings:

     Autry Fasnacht – Original Oratory.

     Megan Mahoney  – After-Dinner Speaking.

     Mason Reuter – Public Address and Spontaneous Speaking.



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