MHS hosts mini-state speech contest, seven nominated for All-State

     The Monticello High School speech team earned seven All-State nominations from its mini-state individual speech contest held Saturday, March 14 at MHS.

     The Iowa High School Speech Association cancelled state speech contests across the state (Monticello was scheduled to compete in Grinnell), but authorized individual schools to hire judges and conduct their own “state” contests Saturday.

     MHS did so, and Anamosa sent students to the contest as well.

     “We are very grateful to the seven judges who agreed to come and make this contest a possibility,” MHS coach Kim Carlson said.

     Seven MHS students received All-State nominations, but will not perform, as the March 30 All-State Speech Festival was also cancelled.

     Those nominated:

     Hannah Ahlrichs, Poetry.

     Grahm Schneiter, Lit Program.

     Payton Jaeger, Acting.

     Evee Krouse, Expository Address.

     Grant Hospodarsky, Improv.

     Micah Williams, Prose.

     Jeff Carlson, Radio News.


     Those who received a “I” rating at the Monticello contest:

     Hannah Ahlrichs, Original Oratory and Poetry.

     Amelia Anderson, Lit Program.

      Kehde Campbell, Expository Address and Improv.

     Jeff Carlson, Radio News.

     Gabe Goodyear, Storytelling and Prose.

     Robby Holmes, Solo Musical Theatre.

     Grant Hospodarsky, Improv.

     Payton Jaeger, Acting.

     Evee Krouse, Expository Address and Review.

     Evan Martensen, Improv.

     Mason Reuter, Spontaneous Speaking.

     Grahm Schneiter, Lit Program.

     Levi Temple, Review.

     Micah Williams, Prose.


     Freshmen who received “I” ratings:

     Mia Jaeger, Poetry and Acting.

     Lauren Koehler, Storytelling.

     Zach Reuter, Storytelling.

     Ian Temple, Radio News.


     Receiving a II rating:

     Robby Holmes, Storytelling.

     Codie Luse, Prose.

     Evan Martensen, Lit Program.

     Brooklyn Stark, Spontaneous Speaking


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