MHS racks up ‘ones’ at State Speech Contest

     Monticello High School individual speech students earned a total of 29 Division I ratings during the State Individual Speech contest, which was held virtually March 12.

     The following MHS events received a “I” rating:

     Hannah Ahlrichs – Acting and Poetry.

     Harrison Ahlrichs – Review.

     Amelia Anderson – Lit Program and Prose.

     Kehde Campbell – Solo Musical Theater and Improv.

     Sully Flynn – Radio News.

     Ella Glawatz – Original Oratory.

     Grant Hospodarsky – Spontaneous Speaking and Improv.

     Mia Jaeger – Acting and Prose.

     Lauren Koehler – Lit Program and Storytelling.

     Becky Lang – After Dinner Speaking and Expository Address.

     Megan Mahoney – After Dinner Speaking and Review.

     Bella Mullen – Radio News.

     Delaney Peitz – Lit Program and Poetry.

     Mya Postel – After Dinner Speaking.

     Zach Reuter – Expository Address.

     Grahm Schneiter – Review.

     Maddie Stadtmueller – Original Oratory.

     Ian Temple – Radio News.

     Levi Temple – Solo Musical Theater and Spontaneous Speaking.

     The following events received a “II” at state contest:

     Mya Postel – Solo Musical Theater.

     Zach Reuter – Improv.


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