MHS speech groups advance to State

The Monticello High School Speech Department held its annual Preview Night Jan. 20 in the MHS Auditorium. Robbie Holmes (front) and Payton Jaeger perform “Stud & Babe” in the Musical Theater category. The event served as preparation for large group district competition, which was held Saturday. (Photos by Pete Temple)

Grahm Schneiter (right) tries to prevent Abby Willson (center) from attacking Kacie Bayne as they perform “Elevator Games” in the Ensemble Acting category.

Fourteen Monticello High School groups received a “I” rating at the District Large Group Speech Contest Saturday, Jan. 25 at MHS. 

Those who received “I” ratings advance to the State Large Group Speech Contest, to be held Feb. 8 at Cedar Rapids Washington High School. 

Groups that received “I” ratings: 

Contest Speech for Dummies (Choral Reading) – Amelia Anderson, Kehde Campbell, Kaitlin Guyer, Megan Mahoney, Delaney Peitz, Brooklyn Stark, Maci Welter, Micah Williams. 

Teen Scene (TV News) – Matthew Beal, Sully Flynn, Karle Kramer, Evan Martensen. 

SPRIG (Radio Broadcasting)- Rylee Bauer, Lisa Dios, Nicole Porter. 

News with No Clue 97.2 (Radio Broadcasting) – Natalia Williams, Hailey Wilson. 

A Day with Tommy (Short Film) – Jeff Carlson, Caleb Gillmore, Ben Oswald, Grahm Schneiter, Chase Sternhagen, Levi Temple. 

Stud and Babe (Musical Theater) – Robby Holmes, Payton Jaeger. 

Group Improv – Jeff Carlson & Payton Jaeger. 

Group Improv – Grant Hospodarsky, Levi Temple. 

Group Improv – Matthew Beal, Carter Kurt, Evan Martensen. 

Elevator Games (Ensemble Acting)- Kacie Bayne, Grahm Schneiter, Abby Willson. 

Real Time Game Talk (Freshman Radio Broadcasting) Harrison Ahlrichs, Kale Hansen, Austin Kurt, Jacob Miller, Cole Nietert, Dylan Ponder, Ian Temple. 

Freshman Group Improv – Emma Althoff, Mya Postel, Zach Reuter. 

Freshman Group Improv – Harrison Ahlrichs & Ian Temple. 

Freshman Group Improv – Mia Jaeger & Bella Mullen. 

The following groups received a “II” rating: 

WGRL (Freshman Radio Broadcasting) – Marisa Grant, Mia Jaeger, Becky Lang, Codie Luse, Aleshea Schilling, Nora Sperfslage. 

The 9 Worst Breakups of All Time (Varsity Readers Theater) – Hannah Alrichs, Kadence Barnhart, Sagan DeWald, Kendra Foust, Gabe Goodyear, Robby Holmes, Ben Oswald, Maddie Stadtmueller, Chase Sternhagen, Natalia Williams, Haley Wilson. 

Jack vs. Jill (Freshman Readers Theater) – Emma Althoff, Libby Busha, Cord Nieter, Ella Glawatz, Lauren Koehler, Angel Larsen, Jackie Stadtmueller, Angelina Thompson. 

Crime Scene (Freshman TV News) – Serena Brokaw, Madison Butterworth, Brodie Clemmons, Grace Cooksley, Zach Reuter. 

WWEgads (Group Mime)- Kehde Campbell, Delaney Peitz, Maddie Stadtmueller. 

Dream & Conquer (Short Film)- Kadence Barnhart, Kacie Bayne, Kendra Foust, Abby Willson. 

The Tooth Hurts (Ensemble Action)- Hannah Ahlrichs, Micah Williams.


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