Mid-term election results in some changes

Those residing in Castle Grove, Lovell and Wayne townships voted at Kirkwood’s regional center in Monticello on Election Day. By 5 p.m., almost 450 people had cast their ballots. There was steady stream of voters after work as seen here filling out their ballots. (Photos by Kim Brooks)

On Nov. 6, First-time voter Madison Lambert of Monticello feeds her ballot into the tabulator inside the city council chambers. This site served Monticello wards 1 and 2.
Kim Brooks
Express Editor

     While the Jones County Supervisors won’t canvass the Nov. 6 election votes until their Nov. 14 meeting, the Monticello Express can preliminarily share the results.

     Voter turnout in Jones County, according to County Auditor and Commissioner of Elections Janine Sulzner was 63 percent. That set a mid-term election record from 57 percent in 2014.

     “This election also blew away the absentee numbers for 2014,” Sulzner said.

     Voter turnout throughout Iowa was at an all-time high as well at 61 percent. According to the Office of the Secretary of State, more than 1.32 million votes were cast, “the highest mark for a mid-term election in state history.” Again, the previous record was set in 2014 at 1.14 million.

     All of the Jones County offices on the ballot were unopposed in this election, and all were voted in:

     • Jon Zirkelbach, supervisor district 3, 6,525 votes, 97 percent. There were 191 write-ins.

     • Ned Rohwedder, supervisor district 4, 6,450 votes, 98 percent. There were 100 write-ins.

     • Amy Picray, county treasurer, 6,880 votes, 99 percent. There were 56 write-ins.

     • Sheri Jones, county recorder, 6,763 votes, 99 percent. There were 62 write-ins.

     • Kristofer Lyons, county attorney, 6,011 votes, 98 percent. There were 72 write-ins.

     In state offices, there were some changes despite close races:

     • Kim Reynolds and Adam Gregg (Republican) were re-elected governor and lieutenant governor with 50.4 percent. Democrats Fred Hubbell and Rita Hart came in at 47.4 percent.

     • Republican Paul Pate remains secretary of State with 52.87 percent. Democrat Deidre DeJear had 44.74 percent.

     • Democrat Rob Sand will serve as state auditor with 50.87 percent. Current Auditor Mary Mosiman, Republican, had 46.53 percent.

     • Mike Naig, Republican, won the race for Secretary of Ag with 50.48 percent. Democrat Tim Gannon had 46.48 percent.

     • Carrie Koelker, Republican, upset Democrat Tod Bowman for Senate Dist. 29. Koelker had 53.55 percent; Bowman, 46.42 percent.

     • Republican Andy McKean, state representative district 58, will remain in Des Moines with 69.17 percent. Joe Oclon, Democrat, had 30.76 percent.

     • Republican Lee Hein, state representative district 96, had 62.43 percent. Reenie Montgomery, Democrat, had 37.41 percent.

     In the congressional race:

     • Newcomer Abby Finkenauer, Democrat, beat Republican Rod Blum for U.S. Representative District 1 in Washington, D.C. Finkenauer had 50.90 percent; Blum with 45.97 percent.

     For more results across the county or state, visit https://results.enr.clarityelections.com.



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