Midland thankful for educators, students, new school

Brian Rodenberg
Midland CSD Superintendent

     Thanksgiving is a time of the year when we reflect on what we are thankful for in our lives. As we go through our daily lives throughout the year, we need to take the time to be thankful. As the Superintendent of Midland, I am very thankful for a number of things.

     First, I am thankful for the students that I get to work with each day. I enjoy watching them become young adults as they progress through their educational careers. It is a joy to watch them develop their skills as students, athletes and performers. The exploits of our athletics is more open to the public, but we have kids involved in many other activities that teach them life skills that will be used their entire lives. The FFA program, drama, music, speech, quiz bowl and the food prize program are just some of the opportunities we provide for your students.

     Second, I am thankful for our dedicated staff that works with our students on a daily basis. Student learning and success are the primary goals for every educator. The staff puts in a great deal of energy to provide the knowledge base and support your student’s hopes and aspirations. The staff continues to work at their craft to become better teachers by attending workshops, PD Time, taking course work and sharing experiences with colleagues.

     Third, I am thankful for the parents/guardians of our students who provide the support at home. Besides the support at home, parents are coming to school events, conferences, as well as serving on different committees or groups that are promoting Midland and support for our students. Parenting is not easy and the school wants to work with you to provide the best opportunity for all students in our district.

     Finally, I am thankful for the Midland Community. Even though many of you don’t have students in school, your support for the bond issue was outstanding. The impact of that decision will have a major impact for generations to come. I have had the opportunity to meet with different community groups or have had individual conversations. It is evident that you take pride in your community and school and want quality education for all students.

     I would like to give you an update on the building project. If you have driven by the school, you can begin to see the overall impact of the new building. It is very exciting to see the changes on a daily basis and over time. Work continues in all areas of the project and will continue throughout the winter. The gym floor work is progressing and we are still hopeful that it will be done by Dec. 1. The invitation is always open for you to come to the school, and I would be happy to show you around what is happening with the new building.


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