Monticello food pantry needs will only increase

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor,

     My son and I had the privilege of being able to work the food pantry in Monticello twice this month. On our first two-hour shift, we assisted 13 families in need. The second time there were nine families. The need is there and it isn’t even winter. I look for the numbers to increase with the time we are in.

     We have run out of cooking oil, sugar, flour, and laundry soap. Personal care products are also in high demand.

     One person dropped off two boxes of cereal. That was two more than we had! Gardeners have been great with supplying fresh vegetables. How wonderful!

     The next time you wonder or think about why they are coming, try to put yourself in their shoes! I don’t know their story, but it is not for me to judge.

     Thanks for all your support.

Respectfully submitted,

Jane Conrad

Anamosa, Iowa


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