Monticello library adds ‘Binge Boxes’ to collection

The Monticello library now offers adult patrons the option of checking out Binge Boxes. The multi-pack DVD sets feature popular TV series and movies with a unique theme. (Photo by Kim Brooks)
Kim Brooks
Express Editor

With so many TV and Internet streaming services, it seems people are binge-watching TV shows like crazy. 

What is binge watching? This is the practice of watching/viewing episodes from one TV series in rapid succession. 

Now, the Monticello Public Library is jumping on the binge-watching bandwagon. 

Library patrons with a library card can now check out the library’s new “Binge Boxes!” 

There are two types of Binge Boxes: TV series and related themed movies. 

Monticello Library Director Michelle Turnis said the idea came from other libraries offering similar binge boxes. 

“Some libraries are doing them (binge boxes) with older movies,” she said, as a way to encourage patrons to check out movies that don’t get much circulation. 

“It’s a way to introduce people to movies that they might not pick up on their own,” added Turnis. 

Some of the TV series Binge Boxes include “Once Upon a Time” and “Breaking Bad.” The movie themed boxes contain several movies all with the same actor/ actress, movies containing a quirky character, holiday-themed movies, Disney movies, movies whose titles contain a number, or movies all about dogs, just to name a few. 

The library has approximately 20 Binge Boxes on display and available for checkout. Patrons may only check out one box at a time, for the standard two-week period. 

“They cannot be renewed,” stipulated Turnis. 

The Binge Boxes cannot be checked out by children, even though some of the boxes are based on children/family movies. They can only be checked out by adults. 

There are increased fines for Binge Boxes that are not returned to the library on time: $1 a day, up to $10 maximum. There are replacement costs should one of the DVDs need to be replaced. 

The number of DVDs inside each Binge Box varies. The boxes average six DVDs depending on the theme of the box or whether it’s a TV series or not. The TV series generally contain four to five seasons in each box. 

“These are TV series that are not currently on TV or have ended their run,” Turnis said. 

Turnis said turning the library’s DVDs into Binge Boxes is a way to condense the DVD shelves. 

“There is only so much space to display the DVDs,” she said. “This allows us to free up some space to add new (DVD) titles to our collection versus getting rid of others.” 

The Monticello library’s DVD collections are quite popular with patrons. During an average month, roughly 600 DVDs are checked out. 

“Some months run over; some run under,” said Turnis, who presents a monthly report to the Library Board regarding how many of each material is checked out. 

Aside from the new Binge Boxes, the library does limit the number of DVDs patrons can check out at once to four. They can be checked out for two weeks as well. 

“A lot of people can’t afford all of the various streaming services available,” Turnis said, wanting to offer them the chance to binge like the rest of the world. “Many of these movies are still popular with a wide variety of ages.” 

Visit the Monticello library’s Binge Box collection at 205 E. Grand St. 


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