Monticello needs to provide students with high-quality learning environment

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor,

     It is a fact that the leader of any organization must continually assess the environment/market to ensure that whatever that organization produces will have value in that market. I assure you that education is no different. If a graduating senior is not prepared to “fit” into the world he or she faces, success will probably not be forthcoming. I am thankful that the leadership in our school district, Dr. Brian Jaeger, understands that and knows how to formulate a plan that will accomplish that mission. A very significant part of that plan is the facilities and equipment that will support it.

     Our middle school building was built in 1923. The first D John Deere tractor was produced that same year. It would not matter how many changes you make to a D John Deere, it is still a D John Deere. I doubt that our local dealer could sell very many of those.

     And, the same is true for a 1923 building. It is no longer capable of providing the environment conducive to the presentation of programs necessary to prepare students to compete in the high-tech world.

     Dr. Jaeger has prepared a plan that will accomplish the goal of providing the facilities necessary to provide a high-quality learning environment and be within the bounds of financial reality. His thorough and accurate research has produced a plan this community can and needs to support.

      I strongly recommend that you provide that support by voting in favor of his bond issue on Sept. 11.

Clyde E. Meyer

Monticello, Iowa



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