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Kim Brooks
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Kim Brooks
Express Editor

For several years the Monticello Public Library has hosted the “Monticello Reads” book club group. Those wanting to participate can have the designated monthly book put on reserve through the library. The group meets following the completion of the book to discuss the material. 

Monticello Reads has grown to become quite popular. 

Now, after some initial interest, the library has decided to start a new social group: “Monticello Writes.” 

Yes, I enjoy writing otherwise I wouldn’t be in this profession. I enjoy telling people’s stories. I enjoy sharing news of Monticello and Jones County with our readers. Coverage of meetings? It’s part of the job. I’ve grown to become more than a “reporter” to our local elected officials. 

So while I enjoy writing for my job, I also enjoy writing as a form of expression. That’s why Colin Ryan from Monticello and myself have decided to co-host the Monticello Writes group together. 

The first gathering will be on Monday, Oct. 14 at the Monticello library at 5:30 p.m. Those interested in expanding or exploring creative writing are encouraged to come. The plan is to meet every second Monday of the month at the library, to begin with. (The 14th is the day before my birthday, so expect some treats to kick off Monticello Writes.) 

This group will be a low-pressure, open group for people with an interest in creative-self expression: 

• Narrative therapy 

• Prose/poetry 

• Short stories 

• Blogging 

• Family history/family stories/memoirs 

• Book, film reviews 

• Comedy, jokes/stand-up 

• Obituaries 

• Journaling 

• Etc. 

“We are hoping that this group will provide a supportive forum of like-minded people to provide encouragement and helpful feedback,” said Colin Ryan. 

During the first meeting, we’ll discuss the group members’ long-term and short-term writing goals. Throughout the group’s longevity, attendees will check in with progress updates, and share writing pieces that they are working on. There will be writing exercises to help get those creative juices flowing. (I know for me, personally, it’s been a long time since I’ve written anything for personal enjoyment due to the writing I do on a daily basis for my job with the Express.) We also plan to bring in local writing, English and publishing experts to share their writing journeys with the group. 

“Whatever level of proficiency, age or level of interest, you are welcome to come and either share your piece (of writing) or listen to what people are working on,” encouraged Ryan. 

A town library is a hub of activity, social activities, and education. Both Monticello Writes and Monticello Reads bring people together to explore their interests. 

Questions about Monticello Writes can be directed to Hope to see budding writers or those looking to get back at it on Oct. 14.


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