More MCSD staff becomes vaccinated

Staff report

     In just a few days, on March 6, those Monticello School District staff who received their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine will see their second dose.

     “By the time we get to the end of March, 78 percent of our staff will be fully vaccinated,” shared Superintendent Brian Jaeger.

     While staff is able to get vaccinated, Jaeger said there is no word yet on when children, those under 16 years of age, can receive the vaccine.

     “By all reports, it is looking like it will be in the fall,” offered Jaeger.

     The MCSD has done and continues to take daily precautions when it comes to public health measures not only within the schools, but at extra curricular activities as well. With those health measures in place, Jaeger said not only have COVID absences been down, but so have those impacted by the flu, strep throat, etc.

     “Numbers this week are continuing in the right direction,” he said as of Feb. 26.

     The MCSD has two students and zero staff in isolation, and two students and one staff under quarantine. Both classifications amount to less than 1 percent of both the student body and staff population.

     Jaeger also praised and thanked Jones County Public Health officials for “bring so organized and systematic with their vaccinations.

     “Many other counties are not having the same experience,” Jaeger said in comparison.

     The MCSD also has roughly 100 PreK-12 students still taking part in hybrid or full-online learning. That’s about 10 percent of the student population. Jaeger said the number of students not in-person continues to drop.

     “Given the context of very low community and school spread, it would be a good time for your child to return to in-person learning if you are considering that option,” urged Jaeger.


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