More MCSD students return to in-person learning

Staff report

     Some good news to come out of the Monticello Community School District (MCSD) concerning the pandemic… Superintendent Brian Jaeger announced in his weekly update that school district staff will begin their first round of the COVID-19 vaccination beginning the week of Feb. 1. The second dose will be administered 28 days later.

     “With any luck, the staff vaccinations should be completed by Spring Break,” Jaeger said.

     The district is still unsure at this point how or where the vaccines will be distributed, but Jaeger expects that information to be released soon.

     Both the Monticello and Jones County positivity rates are now below 10 percent: 8.8 in Monticello and 9.3 in Jones County. Monticello has seen eight cases in the last seven days, as of Friday, Jan. 22.

     “These are the best numbers we have had in months!” praised Jaeger.

     The MCSD has 10 students and two staff members in isolation (those who have tested positive for COVID or showing symptoms). There are 12 students and zero staff in quarantine (those who have been exposed to someone with COVID-19, but not necessarily at school). Those total 2 percent of the student body and less than 1 percent of the total staff who are out for COVID-related reasons.

     “These are really good numbers for both staff and students,” commended Jaeger.

     There are 111 PreK-12 students in the district taking part in full-online learning or hybrid learning. That’s 11 percent of the total student population.

     “This number has dropped by 44 students this week,” noted Jaeger, “as students continue to return to in-person learning as we begin the second semester.”


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