Moser adds certified coach

Luka Marie Schulte

     Moser School of Dance and Gymnastics has announced that Luka Marie Schulte has joined the staff as a certified coach. Schulte has taken the required safety certifications and passed all requirements.

     Schulte has been taking dance and gymnastics training many years with the school and while continuing her training, and is now able to coach at the USTA competitions.

     Luka is the daughter of Moser coach Kattie Payne Schulte and Luke Schulte.

     Moser School of Dance and Gymnastics teaching area youth in Dance & Gymnastics 40-plus years with studio locations in Monticello, Dyersville, Manchester, Edgewood, Strawberry Point, Clermont, Elkader, Guttenberg and Independence.

     The rest of the coaching staff includes Carmen Moser Payne, Bernita Moser and Debbie Moser. 


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