Moser school honors seniors

Kacie Bayne

Esther Funk

Haley Shady

     Moser School of Dance and Gymnastics, celebrating over 40+ years of teaching our area youth, wishes to celebrate its six Moser Dance and Gymnastics seniors.

     They include Kacie Bayne, Esther Funk, Haley Shady, Elizabeth McGrane, Reagan Dolan, and Olivia Their.

     Kacie Bayne, daughter of Joe and Michele Bayne of Monticello, has studied tap, jazz/ hip-hop and gymnastics with the Moser School for 14 years and has competed in eight of those years.

     Esther Funk, daughter of Thomas and Jennifer Funk of Monticello, has studied tap, jazz/ hip-hop and gymnastics with the Moser School for 13 years.

     Haley Shady, daughter of Randy and Dixie Shady of Monticello, has studied jazz/ hip-hop and gymnastics with the Moser School for eight years.

     Elizabeth McGrane, is the daughter of Jerry and Becky McGrane of Dyersville. This is Elizabeth’s 12th year with the Moser school, where she has studied tap and gymnastics, and competed in two of those years.

     Reagan Dolan, daughter of Pat and Mindy Dolan of Manchester, is in her 13th year, studying tap and gymnastics and she has competed for the school 12 years.

     Olivia Thier is the daughter of Krista and the late Ben Thier of Dyersville. Olivia has studied 14 years in jazz/hip-hop and gymnastics, and has competed in six of those years.

     “Our six seniors are great role models for all whom come in contact with them,” co-coach Debbie Moser said. “If they choose a different path next season, we will miss their talent, their dedication, and their willingness to voluntarily perform and/or compete at our various shows or meets throughout our seasons, showing their progress. We will miss our very talented dancers and gymnasts, but above all, we will miss our friends.

     Registration brochures for info on Summer and Fall Registrations are available, email or call Debbie Moser, Dyersville,, 563-875-2846; Carmen Moser Payne, Edgewood,, 563-928-6843.

     Also coaching are Bernita Moser, Kattie Payne Schulte, and Luka Marie Schulte of Strawberry Point.

     Moser School of Dance and Gymnastics studio locations/ classes held in Monticello, Dyersville, Manchester, Independence, Strawberry Point, Clermont, Elkader, Guttenberg, and Edgewood.



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