MPD releases April activity report

Staff report

     Monticello Police Chief Britt Smith released the Monticello Police Department’s monthly report for April. The list of activities is listed below:

     • Total calls for service: 140 (That amounts to 756 for the year 2020 so far.)

     “Calls for the month of April dropped significantly with the COVID-19 pandemic,” stated Smith. “When we did have calls, they tended to me more serious in nature.”

     However, he said domestic assault-related calls did increase a bit “due to everyone being in closer proximity, which was expected.”

     • Traffic stops: 6

     “Traffic stops for April were suspended unless they were in violation that placed the motoring public at a significant risk,” explained Smith. “This was an attempt to minimize contact with others to reduce the possible contamination of our department.”

     • Citations: 7

     Smith stated that any citations that were written were for significant violations. If people were stopped by the MPD, they likely received a citation.

     • Parking citations: 0

     • Arrests: 8

     Those arrest categories include: domestic assault, possession of alcohol & vaping underage, purchasing alcohol underage, violation of no-contact order, domestic assault with injury, criminal mischief, 4th degree theft, trespassing, and OWI.

     • Accidents investigated: 4

     • EMS assists: 26

     • Nuisance warnings: 10

     • Use of force: 0

     • Public complaints: 0


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