Mr. Bradley, what are you afraid of?

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor,

   I had the opportunity to listen to state and local candidates at the Farm Bureau candidate forum at the Ohnward Center in Maquoketa. After listening to Iowa House Representative Steve Bradley rubberstamp his party’s far-right positions on guns for all and women’s healthcare for none, I had the opportunity to speak with Mr. Bradley.

   I mentioned that his opponent, Tony Amsler, had contacted him way back on Sept. 8 about setting up a debate but that Tony had not, to date, received a response. Mr. Bradley commented on Tony’s late entry into the race and that consequently his schedule was full. He also mentioned Tony’s failure to attend the Farm Bureau forum although it was announced at the beginning of the forum that Tony was unable to attend due to a long-planned business trip. When I suggested that he might find another time to debate his opponent, Mr. Bradley’s reported inability to deal with confrontation became apparent.

   Tony’s common-sense approach to law-making has attracted many Independents and Republicans to this side and voters are entitled to meet and hear both candidates in order to make an informed choice.

   Mr. Bradley, what are you afraid of? If you really wanted to debate Tony, a mutually agreeable time could be arranged.

   For more information about House District 66 candidate Tony Amsler, go to or give Tony a call at 319-480-0437.

Donna Duvall

Spragueville, Iowa


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