New rules apply for food stand licensing

     Iowa Administrative Code 481-30.2 requires: Temporary food establishment license applications shall be submitted a minimum of three business days prior to opening. Meaning the application for a temporary food license and $33.50 fee must be submitted to the organization’s local public health department at least three days prior to the event. A temporary food license is good for up to 14 days in conjunction with a special event. Failure to do so will result in denial of the permit; therefore the event may not sell food. However if the event is found to be selling food without a permit, the double fee of $67 will be imposed on site.

     As outlined in Administrative Rule 481-30.2: Food establishment does not include the following… An organization does not need a temporary food license as long as it is serving food on its own premises and the organization does not exceed the following restrictions:

     • The establishment offers only prepackaged foods that are not potentially hazardous

     • The non-profit organization serves food no more than one day per calendar week and not on two or more consecutive days

     • Twice per year, the non-profit organization may serve food to the public for up to three consecutive days

     A non-profit organization may use the premises of another non-profit organization not more than twice per year for one day to serve food. Reminder that the city property (Lawrence Community Center in Anamosa and Berndes Center in Monticello) is a municipality and not a non-profit agency. Verify with the building owners if they are a non-profit, otherwise a permit is needed to sell food.

     Non-profit organizations that are licensed as temporary food establishments may serve non-potentially hazardous food from an unapproved source. An example of a non-potentially hazardous food is fruit pies. All potentially hazardous food must either be prepared on site or it must come from a licensed food establishment.

     For more information on these changes, visit the Department of Inspections and Appeals website at, or contact Paula Hart at the Jones County Environmental Services Office at 319-462-4715.


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