Nicer night, better performances

Anna Loes (right) hands off to Panther teammate Natalie Newhard in the sprint medley relay at the Anamosa meet April 10. (Photos by Pete Temple)

Gabrielle Steiner of Monticello runs her leg of the 4x800 relay at Anamosa.

Caitlyn Cruise sprints to the finish for Monticello in the 100-meter dash April 10.
Pete Temple
Express Sports Editor

     Once the Monticello High School girls track and field team finally got some decent weather to compete in, the Panthers took advantage.

     The Panthers pulled off a fourth place finish in a 15-school field at the Tigerette Relays April 12 in Tipton.

     “We finally had some good weather to show what we are capable of, and the girls didn’t disappoint even though we were missing a few athletes,” Monticello coach Darren Reade said.

     Monticello totaled 66 points, finishing behind champion North Cedar (120), Mid-Prairie (72) and Mount Pleasant (71). The Panther distance medley relay team of Anna Loes, Taylor McDonald, Paige Holub and Gabrielle Steiner won with a time of 4:31.90. The Panthers also had runner-up finishes from Gabrielle Guilford in the high jump and the 4x400 team, and took third in four events.

     Reade pointed out strong efforts from Emily Schlarmann in the 3,000, Rachel Larabee in the 1,500, and Guilford in the 100 hurdles.

     Two days earlier, the Panthers and 11 other teams endured a chilly night at the Anamosa Invitational, where Monticello placed fifth among 12 teams, with 58 points.

     Top finishes there included a runner-up by the 4x800 team, and third place finishes from Taylor McDonald in the 400, Paige Holub in the 800, and the shuttle hurdle relay team.

     “The 4x800 team had its best showing of the season, knocking almost 10 seconds off its season best,” the coach said. “We were just glad to get the girls outside and compete against people other than ourselves.”


April 10

Anamosa Inv.


     1, Cedar Rapids Prairie 155.5; 2, Crestwood 100; 3, Western Dubuque 81.5; 4, Dyersville Beckman 70; 5, Monticello 58; 6, Anamosa 54; 7, Marion 53; 8, Center Point-Urbana 45; 9 (tie) Independence 43 and Clear Creek-Amana 43; 11, Springville 27; 12, Maquoketa  Valley 9.


     100: 6, Anna Loes, 13.46.

     200: 6, Anna Loes, 28.56.

     400: 3, Taylor McDonald, 1:06.43; 8, Tori McDonald, 1:08.73.

     800: 3, Paige Holub, 2:25.07.

     1500: 8, Emily Schlarmann, 5:44.14.

     3,000: 5, Rachel Larabee, 12:23.62.

     High jump: 5, Emily Schlarmann, 4-10.

     4x100: 4, Monticello (Gabrielle Guilford, Maddie Lambert, Kaylee Stephen, Anna Loes), 53.08.

     4x200: 7, Monticello (Kaylee Stephen, Maddie Lambert, Meredith Melchert, Leah Holub), 1:58.49.

     4x400: 5, Monticello (Paige Holub, Jordyn Patterson, Gabrielle Steiner, Taylor McDonald), 4:23.50.

     4x800: 2, Monticello (Taylor McDonald, Gabrielle Steiner, Jordyn Patterson, Paige Holub), 9:58.81.

     Shuttle hurdle: 3, Monticello (Kaylee Stephen, Macy McDonough, Shalay Bronemann, Maria Recker), 1:13.31.

     Distance medley: 5, Monticello (Natalie Newhard, Savanah Kremer, Jordyn Patterson, Emily Schlarmann), 4:40.59.


April 12

Tigerette Relays

(at Tipton)


     1, North Cedar 120; 2, Mid-Prairie 72; 3, Mount Pleasant 71; 4, Monticello 66; 5 (tie), Mount Vernon 49 and Tipton 49; 7, Springville 27; 8 (tie), Easton Valley 24 and Clear Creek-Amana 24; 10, Lisbon 20; 11, Northeast 18; 12 (tie), Iowa City Regina 17 and West Liberty 17; 14, Camanche 10; 15, Durant 5.


     400: 5, Tori McDonald, 1:09.81.

     800: 3, Paige Holub, 2:25.48; 5, Gabrielle Steiner, 2:35.24.

     100 hurdles: 5, Gabrielle Guilford, 17.25.

     1,500: 3, Rachel Larabee, 5:33.84.

     3,000: 3, Emily Schlarmann, 12:06.43.

     High jump: 2, Gabby Guilford, 5-1.

     4x400: 2, Monticello (Taylor McDonald, Emily Schlarmann, Gabrielle Steiner, Paige Holub), 4:20.52.

     Shuttle hurdle: 5, Monticello (Maria Recker, Shalay Bronemann, Macy McDonough, Kaylee Stephen), 1:12.84.

     Sprint medley: 3, Monticello (Anna Loes, Maddie Lambert, Kaylee Stephen, Taylor McDonald), 1:58.04.

     Distance medley: 1, Monticello (Anna Loes, Taylor McDonald, Paige Holub, Gabrielle Steiner), 4:31.90.


     4x200: 2, Monticello (Reese Cox, Macy McDonough, Jaelynn Kraus, Meredith Melchert), 2:04.30.

     4x400: 3, Monticello (Tori McDonald, Rachel Larabee, Maddie Stadtmueller, Karli Recker), 4:50.99.

     Shuttle hurdle: 1, Monticello (Gabrielle Guilford, Jaelynn Kraus, Reese Cox, Emma Brighton), 1:16.79.

     Sprint medley: 2, Monticello (Reese Cox, Emma Brighton, Meredith Melchert, Tori McDonald), 2:06.52.

     Distance medley: 2, Monticello (Caitlyn Cruise, Sophie Hodge, Maddie Stadtmueller, Karli Recker.



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