Non-profit forms to save Mon Maq Dam

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor,

     A newly formed public, non-profit corporation has a sole purpose to “Preserve and protect the Mon Maq Dam on the Maquoketa River in Jones County, Iowa.” Designed to be the voice of public opposition with plans to remove the dam, the organization will focus on activities to save, develop and promote the dam as a historic, educational, and recreational destination.

     A grassroots group of concerned residents recently founded “Friends of Mon Maq Dam, Inc.,” a public non-profit corporation in a continuing effort to save the Mon Maq Dam from plans by the Jones County Conservation Board to remove it. According to Tom Osborne, president, “There is an overwhelming desire of Monticello and Jones County residents to maintain the dam and save it for future generations to enjoy. With a recent survey demonstrating 93 percent of Jones County residents prefer keeping the dam, and over 3,500 signatures on the “Save Our Dam” petition, our goal is to support them.” The organization’s website is a quick resource and reference site for anyone wanting to learn more.

     The long-term vision of the group, after saving the dam from destruction, is to work with local, county, and state agencies to help develop and promote the dam area as a historical, educational, and recreational destination that will better utilize this natural resource and be an economic boost to the area. To that end, the group will be involved in fundraising, seeking private and public donations and grants to fund these projects.

     Anyone interested in helping can contact

Tom Osborne

Monticello, Iowa


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