Null is honored to work for you

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor,

     Last year over 3,000 of you completed surveys or signed petitions to save the Mon-Maq Dam because you love our dam or feel spending $2,000,000 tearing it out is a waste of money. Now you have the opportunity to step up again by voting for John Null for Jones County Supervisor in the June 5 Primary.

     Yes, John Null supports saving our dam, but he also has much more to offer. He is a Christian Conservative Gentleman who uses common sense to find simple solutions to complex problems and believes the voices of the people do matter. John supports our teachers and veterans, believes in smaller government, fewer regulations, wise spending, lower taxes, property rights and that each person should be treated with dignity and respect. Having been in business for over 35 years, he also knows the problems small business owners face.

     Support for saving our dam crosses all party lines. We do not have the option of placing a question on the ballot. Our only choice is to vote for candidates who support our position on an issue. To vote for a candidate in a Primary Election, law requires the voter to be registered in the same party as their candidate. If you support saving our dam rather than spending $2,000,000 tearing it out, please go to the polls June 5, request a Republican ballot, and vote for John Null for Jones County Supervisor. John will be honored to work for you.


Mike Davies

Anamosa, Iowa



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