The old country church

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor,

     I am Wayne Eiben from Scotch Grove Presbyterian Church. Sunday, Dec. 8, we brought together some talented people to spread the joy of the season.

     After lunch, we began caroling at the Monticello Nursing and Rehab Center. Then at 1 p.m., we went to Pennington Square (Assisted Living) and joined Student Pastor Frank Shepherd during his routine service with our music. Frank has been voluntarily providing services twice a month for the past year, which pleases many residents.

     Being on the church board, I see that Frank does many of the duties of a pastor for the congregation and community that the church cannot give the pay he deserves. We are hoping we can keep the doors open until he graduates in October.

     It brings tears to my eyes when some of the older members say they were baptized, confirmed, and married in the old church, and they plan on being buried there.

     The first church in Jones County has an amazing history. The Scotch Grove Presbyterian Church was founded in 1841 and established 20 years later by the settlers that journeyed down the Red River. Several times churches were formed by members breaking off from the over-100 member church.

     I really would like to save the old country church, but I don’t believe holding a sign up at an Iowa game saying, “Save our old country church” will help.

     Please visit our old country church at 15791 95th Ave., Scotch Grove, IA 52310 or check out the Facebook page: The church website is:

God Bless,

Wayne Eiben

Scotch Grove, Iowa


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