Old Dubuque closure modified for winter maintenance

Board of Supervisors
Kim Brooks
Express Editor

     A connection from Old Dubuque Road to Circle Drive in Anamosa, off Highway 151, is becoming more of a reality.

     County Engineer Derek Snead provided an update from the safety committee meeting during the Oct. 6 county supervisor meeting. The safety committee consists of Jones County, City of Anamosa, and DOT representatives.

     “The city is progressing with plans on an extension of Old Dubuque Road,” Snead said.

     Also at the latest committee meeting, winter road maintenance was discussed concerning Old Dubuque Road. Snead said Secondary Roads is working with Anamosa to fabricate a 20-foot gate with a road-closed sign on it to make it easier to plow snow at the intersection of Highway 151 and Old Dubuque Road. This would eliminate the need for multiple barricades at the intersection.

     “We’re working with Anamosa to purchase the gate and we’ll install it,” explained Assistant Engineer Todd Postel. “They do the snow maintenance on the road.”

     The barricades on the highway will remain, Snead said, as they are provided by the DOT.

     Throughout the closure over the last several months, Snead said there has been no vandalism of the signs.

     “Everything has been performing well,” he said. “Traffic flow (on Highway 151) has been adequate and better than before. There have been no issues up to this point.”

     At the upcoming Iowa DOT Transportation Commission meeting, Snead said they hope to make a presentation regarding modifications to 151 outside of Anamosa.

     “Hopefully the DOT can add us to their program in a timely manner,” he told the Board of Supervisors.


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