Onslow City Council meeting, Feb. 13

Carole Paschedag

     The Onslow City Council meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m. on Dec. 10. Roll call was taken with all present.

     A motion was made by Mike Streeper and seconded by Josh Fall to approve the consent agenda. Motion carried.

     A motion was made by Cory Oberbreckling and seconded by Mike Streeper to approve the bills. Motion carried. City Clerk Karen Bixler is to work with the state, as money in TIFF funds/debt services might have to pay state auditors that were here to settle this.

     Layne Martens voiced a citizen concern and asked why the Mayor (Beth Streeper) lied about there being no black mold in the old bank building when it is full of black mold. Russ Benke also asked about the closed session minutes recording that he has asked about the last three months now. The Clerk said that she would get them the next day if Benke wanted to stop by.

     L.J. McCarthy also stated that he has rust in his water. It was also mentioned that fire hydrants are to be done once a month, as were done in October, and not since the cold weather.

     The back exit in the fire station has been blocked for several months now, and Kevin Bahnsen asked Mike Streeper when this would be taken care of.

     There were eight Sheriff calls to Onslow.

     Property & Streets have not received a bill from the Highway 136 project yet.

     The fire department had no calls and will remove the block in front of the back exit. The purchase of new radios was discussed. Russ Benke was asked if he liked them. He stated they were better than the previous radios.

     The Park Committee reported that flags at half-staff ended last night.

     Maintenance reported that the pump on a unit that is only 3 years old wouldn’t recalibrate. So the City of Onslow is running on one pump at this time. They have to wait two weeks, as parts are from Sweden and pump number two isn’t far behind on the same problem. Viking Pump, Inc. from Cedar Falls may be able to get it rebuilt and check on rebuilding Onslow’s so they have a backup.

     The continued problem of wipes being flushed is still continuing to be a problem with the pumps. Also, it is important for homeowners to keep snow away from fire hydrants so the fire department can have access if necessary.

     The lagoon maintenance was discussed and will be addressed at the next meeting.

     There were two who submitted letters of interest in a council member vacancy: Betty Jordan and Harold McCormick. Mayor Beth Streeper talked with both of the interested candidates. A motion was made by Marilyn Gray and seconded by Mike Streeper to approve Betty Jordan for the council vacancy until the Nov. 6 election. Motion was carried. The Oath of Office was given to Jordan by City Clerk Karen Bixler.

     A motion was made by Cory Oberbreckling and seconded by Josh Fall regarding the water/sewer rate increases of $40 base and $16 per 1,000 gallons after. Motion carried. There will be three readings.

     In fire station repairs, Cory Oberbreckling stated that the roof is 19 feet long. The rough cost is $2.50 per linear foot, with the cost between $1,300 and $1,500 for roof materials. Brick on the back side, which is 8.5 to 9 feet tall would approximately cost $3,000 for insulation. The wood would cost approximately $4,300 for materials. Oberbreckling stated he would donate his time if volunteers would help.

     It was also addressed that the former Ohnward Bank building had been sold to Onslow Telephone Company, so it’s off the table.

     It was discussed about remodeling city hall so the council meetings can be held there to accommodate more people and for the Clerk’s Office to help offset heating costs or possibly use the side of the fire station.

     Appointments for the city for 2019 are as follows:

     • City Attorney – Jay Willems

     • City Newspaper – Monticello Express

     • City Clerk – Karen Bixler

     • EMS & 911 Representative – Mike Streeper

     • Solid Waste Representative – Cory Oberbreckling

     • Mayor Pro Tem – Marilyn Gray

     • Fire Chief – Will be put on hold, as the fire department has not had their January meeting yet.

     • Park - Cory Oberbreckling and Josh Fall

     • Nuisance Abatement – Betty Jordan and Marilyn Gray

     • Finance & Personnel – Betty Jordan and Josh Fall

     • Property & Streets - Cory Oberbreckling and Mike Streeper

     • Motion was made by Mike Streeper and seconded by Betty Jordan to accept appointments. Motion carried.

     There will be a budget work session on Feb. 11 at 5:30 p.m. before the council meeting.

     The meeting adjourned at 8:36 p.m., with a motion by Josh Fall and a second by Mike Streeper.



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