Onslow City Council meeting, Feb. 18

Carole Paschedag

     The Onslow City Council meeting was called to order at 6:38 p.m. on Feb. 18.

     Council person Betty Jordan addressed the issue of the fact that citizen Russ Benke turned the City of Onslow into the state because of a closed session.

     The Consent Agenda was approved. A motion made by Cory Oberbreckling and seconded by Marilyn Gray. Motion carried.

     Motion was made by Betty Jordan, seconded by Mike Streeper to approve the bills, except a Visa bill, as there are some receipts to be turned in yet. Motion carried.

     Under citizen concerns, Harold McCormick asked why it’s ok to use city equipment for personal use. He stated he has seen city maintenance staff cleaning out their own driveways and fire hydrant. McCormick stated he had pictures and was told to bring them to show to the mayor.

     Property & Streets addressed a budget for sand and salt.

     The Fire department reported that they have two candidates in Firefighter 1 training. It is state mandated for 96 hours. They also had two assists.

     Water, Garbage & Sewer reported on getting a new garbage pick up agreement and bids, as rates are to go up.

     Parks reported that they would get sand for the volleyball court. Cory Oberbreckling said he would donate his time to tile from the park bridge to the Highway 136 culvert. Estimates to tile cost $250.

     Maintenance reported that the other pump is back, but pump 2 is also going bad. Wipes continue to be the problem, and it will be put on the water bill again to please throw them in the trash.

     The emergency snow parking ordinance was discussed to allow streets to be cleared. There are sidewalks not being shoveled, which is to be within 24 hours. Fire hydrants are to be kept cleared.

     There is a house having water in the basement due to all of the snow piled there. It was stated that we are running out of places to put snow, but it was mentioned that it could be moved to the park in which Cory Oberbreckling stated he would do it for cost of fuel.

     The Clerk reported that the shop teacher at Midland School should be contacted about the dugouts in the spring, with the costs only being for supplies; no labor costs.

     There are house numbers available for anyone who does not have numbers on their house, free of charge. Just stop by or let the Clerk know that you would like some.

     Letters are being sent to Alliant, Casey’s, and Net Ins for donation expenses for the dugout project.

     An amendment was made on the minutes from Oct. 8, 2018, in which Mike French was changed to Mike Streeper, with a motion made by Betty Jordan and seconded by Josh Fall. Motion carried.

     Russ Benke stated that he got the minutes from the closed session, except for the recording, after waiting three months. Attorney Jay Willems has stated there is a conflict of interest so they are out. The Ombudsman has been in touch with Mayor Beth Streeper. Mayor Streeper stated she did not record it and will send a letter to the state and will accept blame and a fine if there is one.

     The city ATV ordinance states that vehicles can only be ridden on roads, and cannot cross Highway 136. The issue was tabled.

     The City of Onslow’s agreement with county law enforcement went from $2,700 to $3,300. Motion was made by Cory Oberbreckling and seconded by Betty Jordan to approve it through 2020. Motion carried.

     The subject of contract labor employment was addressed for Water and Sewer. They would use supplies and equipment, but not being a city employee and carry their own insurance. There would be no workers comp or IPERS, and there would be more DNR regulations. This is something that will be checked into.

     The fire department had no meeting, so appointing of fire chief was tabled.

     The Fiscal Year 2019-20 hearing will be held on March 11 before the public comment meeting. The clerk has asked for department budgets.

     On the Animal Protection & Control ordinance, it was discussed with Wyoming and decided to take dog breeds out.

     The meeting adjourned at 8:01 p.m. Motion made by Betty Jordan to adjourn, seconded by Josh Fall. Motion carried.



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