Orbis annual donations exceed $11,000

     Orbis Corporation of Monticello has made donations totaling $11,200 to 20 Monticello-area organizations, through its Menasha Corporation Foundation.

     Following is a list of donation recipients for this year:


     Monticello School District Foundation

     Boy Scouts of America

     Monticello Fire Department

     Monticello Post Prom Committee

     Jones County Sheriff’s Department

     Anamosa Archery Club and Anamosa Bowhunters

     Jones County Safe and Healthy Youth Coalition

     Monticello Athletic Booster Club

     Camp Courageous

     Jones County Extension

     Monticello Emergency Medical Team

     Sacred Heart Elementary School

     Monticello High School

     Animal Welfare Friends

     Monticello Police Department

     Hopkinton Police Department

     Anamosa Fire Department

     Shannon Elementary School

     Carpenter Elementary School

     Monticello Middle School

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