Panther girls finish second in RVC meet

Aubree Fairley releases the ball in a warmup roll for the Panthers’ home meet against Camanche Feb. 11 at Legacy Lanes. (Photos by Pete Temple)

Logan Farmer follows through on a practice roll Feb. 11.
Pete Temple
Express Sports Editor

     The girls bowling team at Monticello High School had already shown great improvement over its previous season, picking up five dual meet victories when last year it had none.

     During the River Valley Conference Tournament Feb. 13 in Camanche, the Panther girls took that to a new level, finishing second among the five conference teams.

     “I was proud of the girls,” Monticello coach Brian Meyer said. “They did a great job. They have had a very good year, with many more wins than last year, and they have been competitive in a lot of meets.”

     Monticello’s boys took fourth place in the same meet.

     “The thing about conference is that you don’t know how everybody else is doing because you’re so spread out,” Meyer said. “Taking fourth out of five knocked the wind out of me, because I thought we were doing better than that. I thought we bowled well, and had some very nice scores.”

     Louise Rydell led the girls with a 331 two-game series, missing out on a top-five individual finish and all-conference honors by just two pins. Evee Krouse and Leah Holub each posted 300 series.

     Camanche won the girls’ team title with 2613, well ahead of Monticello’s 2132.

     “Home field advantage, by a talented team, makes it really tough,” Meyer said.

     Caleb Gillmore led the boys with a 430 series that included a 231 game. Gary Pasker bowled 208-195–403, and Easton Lee had a 393 series.

     Durant was the team champion with 3081, edging Camanche by just 26 pins. Monticello’s 2926 was just 155 out of first place and 129 out of second.

     Prior to the conference tourney, the Panthers hosted Camanche Feb. 11 at Legacy Lanes, a meet that included Isaac Newton Christian Academy on the boys’ side. Camanche won the boys’ meet 3108 to Monticello’s 2841; and the girls’ meet 2619 to 2129.

     Gillmore had a 252-257–509 series for the boys, and Logan Farmer had a 427 series. For the girls, Krouse had a 312 series, and Rylee Bauer was at 309, including  a 172 game.

     “Camanche is a very good team, very well coached,” Meyer said.

State qualifying

     The Panthers were scheduled to compete in the Class 1A State Qualifying Tournament Feb. 18 at Lancer Lanes in Cedar Rapids. Results will be printed next week.


Feb. 11

(at Legacy Lanes)


     1, Camanche 3108; 2, Monticello 2841; 3, Isaac Newton Christian Academy 1938.

Boys Individual Round Totals

     1, Camanche 2087; 2, Monticello 1998; 3, Isaac Newton 1268.

Boys Baker Round Totals

     1, Camanche 1021; 2, Monticello 843; 3, Isaac Newton 670.

Monticello results

     Caleb Gillmore 252-257–509; Logan Farmer 214-213–427; Levi Temple 201-190–391; Jacob Farmer 190-147–337; Easton Lee 180-154–334; Luke Weber 145-127–272.


     1, Camanche 2619; 2, Monticello 2129.

Girls Individual Round Totals

     1, Camanche 1761; 2, Monticello 1435.

Girls Baker Round Totals

     1, Camanche 858; 2, Monticello 694.

Monticello results

     Evee Krouse 162-150–312; Rylee Bauer 137-172–309; Kristin Roher 168-131–299; Louise Rydell 123-170–293; Aubree Fairley 152-130–282; Leah Holub 146-127–273.


     Monticello 2215 (Camanche scores unavailable).

Individual Round Totals

     Monticello 1496.

Baker Round Totals

     Monticello 719

Monticello Totals

     Eli Beitz 193-155–348, Gary Pasker 143-188–331, Adam Schmitt 126-156–282, Brendan Pasker 159-123–282, Jackson DeMean 140-113–253, Zach Reuter 86-123–209.


Feb. 13

River Valley Conf. Meet

(at Imperial Lanes,



     1, Durant 3081; 2, Camanche 3055; 3, Bellevue 2990; 4, Monticello 2926; 5, Cascade 2567.

Boys Individual Round Totals

     1, Camanche 2143; 2, Durant 2038; 3, Bellevue 2014; 4, Monticello 1946; 5, Cascade 1781.

Boys Baker Round Totals

     1, Durant 1043; 2, Monticello 1000; 3, Bellevue 976; 4, Camanche 912; 5, Cascade 786.

Monticello results

     Caleb Gillmore 199-231–430; Gary Pasker 208-195–403, Easton Lee 180-213–393, Logan Farmer 217-145–362, Noah Arduser 171-187–358, Jacob Farmer 158-182–340.


     1, Camanche 2613; 2, Monticello 2132; 3, Bellevue 2097; 4, Cascade 2082;

Girls Individual Round Totals

     1, Camanche 1785; 2, Monticello 1449; 3, Bellevue 1368; 4, Cascade 1291.

Girls Baker Round Totals

     1, Camanche 828; 2, Cascade 791; 3, Bellevue 729; 4, Monticello 683.

Monticello results

     Louise Rydell 170-161–331, Evee Krouse 145-155–300, Leah Holub 128-172–300, Rylee Bauer 144-125–269, Kristen Roher 109-140–249, Aubree Fairley 129-115–244.



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