Name: Andrew Tjaden.

     Age: 17.

     Parents: James and Sheila Tjaden.

     Sports in which you participate: Basketball, football, track.

     Awards received: Academic all-conference.

     Season goals: Do the best job that I can every day.

     I like this sport because: It pushes you physically and mentally.

     What is something the average person doesn’t know about your sport? You need all players working together to be successful.

     Biggest sports thrill as a participant: Beating Iowa City Regina in overtime last year.

     Pre-competition rituals/superstitions: Slapping the “M” above the locker room door before each game.

     Biggest academic accomplishment: Surviving Donnie’s shop classes.

     Biggest influence: My parents.

     Favorite male athlete: Peter Jok.

     Favorite female athlete: Venus Williams.

     Favorite pro team: Chicago Bulls.

     Favorite college team: Iowa Hawkeyes.

     Favorite subject in school: Math.

     Favorite teacher: Larry Baker.

     Favorite TV show: “Big Bang Theory.”

     Favorite movie: “Hoosiers.”

     Favorite food: Pasta.

     Nickname: “Andy.”

     Most famous person I’ve met: Greg Stokes.

     Jobs/other activities: Football and track.

     College and future plans: Attend a four-year college.



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