Name: Alyssa Foust

     Age: 18

     Parents: Curt & Renee Foust

     Sport in which you participate: Track and field

     Season goals: PR on my 200s.

     I like this sport because: I like the competition, spending time with my friends, and meeting new people.

     What is something the average person doesn't know about your sport? How much technique we actually have to have.

     Biggest sport thrill as a participant: Winning track meets and seeing my team improve every day.

     Biggest academic accomplishment: Academic letter and being on either high honors or honors every year.

     Biggest influence: My parents.

     Favorite male athlete: Alex Kremer.

     Favorite female athlete: Laurie Hernandez.

     Favorite pro team: Detroit Lions.

     Favorite college team: Michigan.

     Favorite subject in school: History.

     Favorite teacher: Mr. Szurkowski.

     Favorite TV show: “Dancing With the Stars.”

     Favorite Movie: “High School Musical.”

     Favorite musicians: Nickelback.

     Favorite Food: Lumpia.

     Nickname: “Lysmo.”

     Most famous person I've met: One Wheel Revolution.

     College and future plans: Attend Kirkwood Community College for undecided.       



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