Panthers celebrate return to postseason at awards event

The Monticello High School football team held its annual awards event Nov. 11 in the MHS Auditorium. Panthers who were voted All-District include, first row from left: Jeff Carlson, Justin Recker, Kain Luensman, Brayden Cleeton and John James. Second row: Luke Weber, Mason Reuter, Devin Kraus, Cade Folken, Owen Thomas and Luke Lambert. Not pictured is Tyler Luensman. (Photos by Pete Temple)

Tyler Luensman was named District Defensive MVP, and was voted the team's Defensive MVP.

Earning team awards, from left: Colin Jordan, Ethan Martensen, Riley Manternach, Jeff Carlson and Devin Kraus.

Roger Brighton (right) was honored for his 25 years of service to the team by head coach Wes Wilson. Brighton has served as trainer, equipment manager, and performed many other duties for the Panthers.

     For the first time since 2014, and the first time in a 16-team field since 1991, the Monticello High School football team reached the postseason this fall, on the way to a 6-4 season.

     That and several individual awards were celebrated at the team’s annual awards event Monday, Nov. 11 in the MHS Auditorium.

     Head coach Wes Wilson praised the team for its efforts during the season, particularly the seniors.

     “From where they came in as freshmen to where they ended up is nothing short of amazing,” Wilson said. “They worked hard, believed in the system, and ended up doing things the right way.”

     Greg Williams, who co-coaches the junior varsity team with Donnie Kremer, also lauded that team’s 5-3 season.

     “They have all come a long way,” Williams said. “I wish we could have played more games. We were playing pretty good football by the end of the year.”

     The list of varsity awards presented at the banquet follows.



     First team offense: Jeff Carlson, senior quarterback; John James, junior offensive lineman; Devin Kraus, senior wide receiver; Justin Recker, junior wide receiver.

     Defensive MVP: Tyler Luensman, junior defensive back.

     First team defense: Brady Cleeton, junior defensive lineman; Kain Luensman, junior defensive back.

     Second team: Mason Reuter, senior defensive lineman; Luke Weber, senior offensive lineman; Luke Lambert, junior linebacker.

     Honorable mention: Cade Folken, senior defensive back; Owen Thomas, sophomore offensive lineman.


     Offensive MVP: Devin Kraus, senior.

     Defensive MVP: Tyler Luensman, senior.

     Special Teams MVP: Jeff Carlson, senior.

     Scout Team MVP: Ethan Martensen, senior.

     Most Improved: Riley Manternach, junior.

     Coaches’ Award: Colin Jordan, senior.


First team

(GPA 3.5 or higher)

     Seniors: Jeff Carlson, Devin Kraus, Ben Oswald, Luke Weber.

     Juniors: Brady Cleeton, Bo Kramer, Luke Lambert, Kain Luensman, Tyler Luensman, Riley Manternach, Justin Recker, Grahm Schneiter, Caden Ungs.

Second team

     Seniors: Cade Folken, Ethan Martensen, Mason Reuter, Chase Sternhagen.

     Sophomore: Chandler Weber.



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