Panthers excel; Guilford reaches Drake

Gabby Guilford of Monticello qualified for the Drake Relays in the high jump. (Photo by Pete Temple)

Piper Hansen of Monticello competes in the 800-meter run during the Panthers’ home meet April 18. (Photo by Pete Temple)

Karle Kramer runs the 3,000-meter race for Monticello at the Maquoketa Valley meet April 15. (Photo by Diane Temple)
Pete Temple
Express Sports Editor

     The marked improvement shown by the Monticello High School girls track and field team was evident in two meets for the Panthers last week.

     Monticello went from a ninth place finish in Maquoketa Valley’s Wildcat Invitational April 15, to a runner-up spot in the Panthers’ home co-ed meet April 18.

     The other big news for Monticello was that sophomore Gabby Guilford qualified for this week’s Drake Relays in the high jump. She will compete Friday, April 26, 9:45 a.m. at Drake Stadium in Des Moines.

     Whereas the Panthers had just one finish higher than third at Maquoketa Valley – Guilford winning the high jump – at home there were six top-two finishes.

     “We are starting to find what our relay teams are, and I have been trying a few different lineups to see what we may do for the state qualifying meet,” Monticello coach Vallerie Lynn said.

     Included were wins by Tori McDonald in the 400-meter hurdles, in 1 minute, 16.77 seconds; and Guilford in the high jump, at 4-10. The Panthers were second on four occasions: Leah Holub in both the 100 and the long jump, Karle Kramer in the 3,000, and the shuttle hurdle relay team of Emma Hynick, Guilford, Jaelynn Kraus and Reese Cox.

     “Leah Holub had a great week,” Lynn said. “She just keeps getting faster every time she steps on the track.

     “We are finally running a shuttle hurdle relay, and those girls take a second off each time they compete.”

     The coach also praised thrower Payton Jaeger, who was sixth in both the shot put and discus.

     “Payton Jaeger is doing a great job with the throws. She is getting close to that 100-foot mark (in the discus).”

     Center Point-Urbana won the meet with 125 points, and the Panthers were second with 108. North Linn was a close third at 102.

     “This week we enter the championship phase of our season,” coach Lynn said. “We are very young and inexperienced, and I am very happy with the progress these girls have made, but we need to do a better job of preparing before and during meets.”


April 15

Wildcat Inv.

(at Maq. Valley)


     1, Decorah 117; 2, Cascade 96; 3, Jesup 79.5; 4, Maquoketa Valley 63; 5, North Linn 45; 6, Alburnett 41; 7, Central City 32.50; 8, Edgewood-Colesburg 30; 9, Monticello 29; 10, Central Elkader 26; 11, Starmont 20l 12, Clayton Ridge 9; 13, Springville 1.


     200: 5, Leah Holub, 29.81.

     800: 6, Triniti Etzel, 2:41.09.

     400 hurdles: 5, Tori McDonald, 1:15.07.

     High jump: 1, Gabby Guilford, 5-0.

     Shot put: 3, Payton Jaeger, 34-7.

     4x400: 6, Monticello (Gabrielle Steiner, Triniti Etzel, Lydia Recker, Piper Hansen), 4:33.24.

     4x800: 3, Monticello (Emily Schlarmann, Triniti Etzel, Lydia Recker, Piper Hansen), 1:33.66.

     800 sprint medley: 6, Monticello (Leah Holub, Gabby Guilford, Emmy Hynick, Gabrielle Steiner), 2:01.96.


     4x100: 4, Monticello (Jaelynn Kraus, Olivia Kremer, Kendall Ruden, Lauren Bader), 59.24.

     4x200: 4, Monticello (Kayla Simmons, Bronwyn Hodge, Kendall Ruden, Kelsey Adams), 2:09.28.

     4x400: 3, Monticello (Skyleigh Husmann, Kayla Simmons, Kylee Van Dorn, Bronwyn Hodge), 4:57.73.


April 18

Monti Co-Ed meet


     1, Center Point-Urbana 125; 2, Monticello 108; 3, North Linn 102; 4, North Cedar 92; 5, Central City 64; 6, East Buchanan 51; 7, Springville 40.


     100: 2, Leah Holub, 13.58; 6, Jordan Norton, 14.75.

     200: 4, Emma Hynick, 29.32; 5, Kylee Van Dorn, 30.03.

     400: 3, Gabrielle Steiner, 1:07.66; 4, Lydia Recker, 1:08.64.

     800: 3, Piper Hansen, 2:43.36.

     100 hurdles: 6, Jaelynn Kraus, 18.66.

     1,500: 5, Triniti Etzel, 5:37.11; 6, Karle Kramer, 5:38.21.

     3000: 2, Karle Kramer, 11:55.69.

     400 hurdles: 1, Tori McDonald, 1:16.77.

     Discus: 6, Payton Jaeger, 98-8.

     High jump: 1, Gabby Guilford, 4-10.

     Long jump: 2, Leah Holub, 14-10.

     Shot put: 6, Payton Jaeger, 32-9.5.

     4x100: 4, Monticello (Leah Holub, Gabby Guilford, Jordan Norton, Emma Hynick), 55.50.

     4x200: 5, Monticello (Skyleigh Husmann, Olivia Kremer, Reese Cox, Lauren Bader), 2:03.72.

     4x400: 3, Monticello (Gabrielle Steiner, Piper Hansen, Lydia Recker, Emily Schlarmann), 4:34.29.

     4x800: 4, Monticello (Piper Hansen, Triniti Etzel, Lydia Recker, Emily Schlarmann), 10:36.66.

     Shuttle hurdle: 2, Monticello (Emma Hynick, Gabby Guilford, Jaelynn Kraus, Reese Cox), 1:14.87.

     800 sprint medley: 3, Monticello (Leah Holub, Jordan Norton, Tori McDonald, Gabrielle Steiner), 2:03.81.

     1600 distance medley: 4, Monticello (Tori McDonald, Lauren Bader, Kylee Van Dorn, Triniti Etzel), 4:57.01.



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