Panthers gaining confidence

Pete Temple
Express Sports Editor

     The things that are supposed to be happening this time of year are happening for the Monticello High School girls track team, according to head coach Vallerie Lynn.

     “Relays are starting to gel, and confidence is growing,” Lynn said. “All of the hard work has been done. Now it is about being confident in the process and our skills, and having a positive mindset.”

     Monticello had three chances to test out those attitudes last week, including two team meets: taking sixth place in the Anamosa Co-Ed meet April 23, and fifth at the Marion Invitational April 25.

     The Panthers also had a competitor at the prestigious Drake Relays, sophomore Gabby Guilford, who competed in the high jump and finished in a tie for 11th place with a jump of 5-foot-2.

     “Gabby has the potential to have an amazing end to her season,” Lynn said. “However, she needs to compete with more confidence.”

     At Anamosa, Triniti Etzel and Guilford had the highest individual finishes for the team. Etzel took second place in the 3,000-meter run with a time of 12 minutes, 20.13 seconds. Guilford jumped 5-4 to place second in the high jump.

     Leah Holub was third in the 100, and Payton Jaeger took third in the shot put.

     “It was a perfect night for competing,” Lynn said of the Anamosa meet. “I felt like we started seeing some big time cuts for the girls.”

     The weather was less desirable at the Marion meet Thursday, cold and windy, but the Panthers reeled off a win and a total of five top-three finishes. Winning was the 4x800 team of Emily Schlarmann, Piper Hansen, Gabrielle Steiner and Lydia Recker; in 10:22.66.

     Taking second were Karle Kramer in the 3,000 (with teammate Makenna Patterson sixth), and the distance medley team of Skyleigh Husmann, Jordan Norton, Tori McDonald and Etzel.

     In third were Holub in the 100 and Kylee Van Dorn in the 400.

     “The girls competed very well, especially considering the weather,” the coach said. “Before the meet we talked about controlling the things you can control and competing at your best no matter what the circumstances are.

     “Right now we have big improvements in the 1,500 and 3,000, the 4x800, shot put, shuttle hurdle relay and the open 100. We have to focus on getting our handoffs down and getting quicker in the 4x100. We are also focusing on trying to bring down our 4x400 times.”


April 23

Anamosa Co-Ed


     1, Mount Vernon 134; 2, Anamosa 125.5; 3, North Cedar 80; 4, Independence 69; 5, North Linn 65; 6, Monticello 57; 7, Maquoketa Valley 47.5; 8, Easton Valley 44; 9, West Delaware 35; 10, West Liberty 31; 11, Starmont 28; 12, Midland 22.


     100: 3, Leah Holub, 13.54.

     400: 8, Lydia Recker, 1:08.77.

     800: 5, Piper Hansen, 2:39.16.

     100 hurdles: 5, Gabby Guilford, 17.87.

     1,500: 5, Karle Kramer, 5:30.47.

     3,000: 2, Triniti Etzel, 12:20.13.

     400 hurdles: 5, Tori McDonald, 1:16.93.

     High jump: 2, Gabby Guilford, 5-4.

     Shot put: 3, Payton Jaeger, 35-8.

     4x100: 5, Monticello (Leah Holub, Gabby Guilford, Jordan Norton, Emma Hynick), 53.88.

     4x400: 6, Monticello (Piper Hansen, Lydia Recker, Triniti Etzel, Gabrielle Steiner), 4:31.23.


April 25

Marion Inv.


     1, DeWitt Central 131; 2, Marion 102; 3, Mid-Prairie 82; 4, North Linn 78; 5, Monticello 59; 6, Benton Community 40; 7, West Delaware 33; 8, North Cedar 32; 9, Springville 31; 10, Marion Gold 1.


     100: 3, Leah Holub, 13.89.

     200: 5, Emma Hynick, 29.12.

     400: 3, Kylee Van Dorn, 1:07.78.

     1,500: 4, Triniti Etzel, 5:26.63.

     3,000: 2, Karle Kramer, 11:46.48; 6, Makenna Patterson, 13:25.28.

     400 hurdles: 6, Tori McDonald, 1:15.84.

     High jump: 6, Jaelynn Kraus, 12-9.25.

     Shot put: 4, Payton Jaeger, 34-5.

     4x100: 5, Monticello (Leah Holub, Reese Cox, Jordan Norton, Emma Hynick), 56.09.

     4x400: 4, Monticello (Emily Schlarmann, Gabrielle Steiner, Skyleigh Husmann, Piper Hansen), 4:29.72.

     4x800: 1, Monticello (Emily Schlarmann, Piper Hansen, Gabrielle Steiner, Lydia Recker), 10:22.66.

     Distance medley: 2, Monticello (Skyleigh Husmann, Jordan Norton, Tori McDonald, Triniti Etzel), 4:52.11.


     4x100: 4, Monticello (Jaelynn Kraus, Olivia Kremer, Lauren Bader, Amelia Anderson), 1:00.09.

     4x200: 2, Monticello (Olivia Kremer, Lauren Bader, Bronwyn Hodge, Kayla Simmons), 2:06.78.

     4x400: 5, Monticello (Kylee Van Dorn, Kendall Ruden, Bronwyn Hodge, Kayla Simmons), 4:57.80.

     Distance medley: 4, Monticello (Kendall Ruden, Kelsey Adams, Bronwyn Hodge, Maddie Stadtmueller), 5:21.69.


April 26

Drake Relays

(at Drake University,

Des Moines)


     High jump: 11(tie), Gabby Guilford, 5-2.



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