Panthers have high points at conference tournament

Three Monticello bowlers made the All-River Valley Conference team by finishing in the top six at the conference tournament Feb. 6 in Cascade. From left are David Titman (third place), Kegan Arduser (champion) and Caleb Gillmore (sixth). (Photos by Pete Temple)

Rachel Larabee of the Panthers makes her delivery during the River Valley tournament at Cascade.

Levi Temple winds up for the Panthers at the conference tournament in Cascade.

Monticello’s Keeley Anderson competes at the conference tourney.

Kegan Arduser rolled a 260 and a 243 for Monticello at the RVC tourney.
Pete Temple
Express Sports Editor

     Both Monticello High School bowling teams had reasons to celebrate after the River Valley Conference Tournament Feb. 6 at Cascade Lanes.

     The Panther boys were leaders after the individual round, and wound up with three all-conference bowlers out of a possible six, including the conference champion, Kegan Arduser.

     The girls rallied from a fourth place start after the individual round to finish third in their first effort appearance at the tournament.

     Arduser rolled a 260 and a 243 to be the overall boys’ individual champion. David Titman finished third overall, and Caleb Gillmore was sixth.

     “Kegan is a very special talent in high school right now,” Monticello coach Brian Meyer said. “(Scoring) 260 and 243, that’s pretty good everywhere you go. And David has really developed.”

     The girls were a consistent third in both the individual round and the Baker games, finishing third overall with a pin total of 1928. Camanche was the runaway winner with 2699, followed by Durant with 2146.

     Cassie Gillmore rolled a 298 two-game series, including a 164 game. Jordyn Patterson had a 153 as part of a 279 series. Natalie Newhard finished with 258, Keeley Anderson with 229, Yutana Hughes with 221, and Rachel Larabee with 174.

     “The girls struggled getting started,” Meyer said. “Once they calm down, then they get to gelling a little bit better. They did do a great job in the Baker, scrambled and got to third place, which is an achievement for us. Everybody contributed, and did a nice job. Camanche was dominant, and Durant was very good.”

     The boys had some excitement during the individual round, leading by 58 pins after the two games. That was largely because conference champion Arduser and his 503 series. David Titman had a 201 as part of a 395 series, Caleb Gillmore had 198-191–389, Levi Temple’s 192 capped a 348 series, Eli Beitz posted a 178 to finish with 311, and Robert Pejchl shot a 280 total.

     But the Panthers struggled in the Baker games, with a high single game of 162. Bellevue stormed back from fourth place after the individual round with a 1,020 Baker total, meaning the Comets averaged more than 200 for the five games.

     “I was amazed as anyone that we wound up winning the individual side of it, but that’s only half the battle,” Meyer said. “It felt like we were pressing, and I saw the kids looking over their shoulders to see how the other teams were bowling.

     “I took it really hard that I hadn’t prepared them better for what we ran up against.”

     Bellevue claimed the conference team title, while the Panthers slipped to fourth overall with a 2684 overall total. Camanche was second with 2825, and Durant took third with 2809.

     The Panthers were scheduled to compete in the Class 1A State Qualifying Meet Tuesday, Feb. 13 in Maquoketa.


Feb. 6

River Valley Conf.


(at Cascade Lanes


     1, Bellevue 2836; 2, Camanche  2825; 3, Durant 2809; 4, Monticello 2684; 5, Cascade 2677.

Individual round total

(two games)

     Monticello 1946, Durant 1888, Camanche 1871, Bellevue 1816, Cascade 1795.

Monticello results

     Kegan Arduser 260-243–503, David Titman 201-194–395; Caleb Gillmore 198-191–389, Levi Temple 156-192–348, Eli Beitz 133-178–311, Robert Pejchl 164-116–280.

Baker round total

(five games)

     Bellevue 1,020, Camanche 954, Durant 921, Cascade 882, Monticello 738.



     1, Camanche 2699, 2, Durant 2146, 3, Monticello 1928; 4, Bellevue 1900; 5, Cascade 1754.

Individual round total

(two games)

     Camanche 1827, Durant 1439, Monticello 1285, Bellevue 1291, Cascade 1186.

Monticello results

     Cassie Gillmore 164-134–298, Jordyn Patterson 153-126–279, Natalie Newhard 114-144–258, Keeley Anderson 127-102–229, Yutana Hughes 112-109–221, Rachel Larabee 100-74–174.

Baker round total

(five games)

     Camanche 872, Durant 707, Monticello 643, Bellevue 609, Cascade 568.


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