Panthers have much to celebrate

The Monticello High School cross country teams held their annual awards meeting Nov. 12 in the MHS Commons. Earning All-District Awards, from left: Jasper Nietert, Karle Kramer and Cole Cruise. (Photos by Pete Temple)

Austin Timm was voted Most Improved for the boys’ team.

Kehde Campbell (left) and Triniti Etzel were voted Co-Most Improved for the Panther girls.

Voted Rookies of the Year were Carter Kurt (left) and Karle Kramer.

Earning the Panther Pride award were Carter Cruise (left) and Makenna Patterson.

Panther girls who earned Academic All-Conference honors, first row from left: Emily Schlarmann, Lizzie Petersen, Gabrielle Steiner and Kehde Campbell. Second row: Sydney Ballou, Gabrielle Guilford, Brooklyn Steiner, Jaelyn Graver, Dru Kramer and Maddie Stadtmueller.

Panther boys who earned Academic All-Conference honors, first row from left: Zach Chapman and Ethan Martensen. Second row: Carter Cruise and Cole Cruise. Not pictured are Gavin Baugh and Levi Temple.

     A season in which the Panther boys’ team qualified for the state meet for the 22nd consecutive year, and the girls were represented there as well, was celebrated at the Panther awards event Nov. 12 in the Monticello High School Commons.

     Team, all-conference, all-district and state qualifying awards were presented by head coach Dan Sauser and his staff.

     Farewell speeches were given by seniors Makenna Patterson and David Titman, and volunteer coach Bruce Novak spoke as well, announcing that Sauser had won an All-Northeast District coaching award.

     A list of the awards that were presented follows.



     Boys: Cole Cruise, junior; Jasper Nietert, sophomore.

     Girls: Karle Kramer, freshman.


     Most Improved (boys): Austin Timm, senior.

     Most Improved (girls): Kehde Campbell, sophomore; Triniti Etzel, freshman.

     Rookie of the Year (boys): Carter Kurt, freshman.

     Rookie of the Year (girls): Karle Kramer, freshman.

     Pride Award (boys): Carter Cruise, junior.

     Pride Award (girls): Makenna Patterson, senior.


     Boys: Carter Cruise, junior; Cole Cruise, junior; Ethan Martensen, junior; Gavin Baugh, sophomore; Zach Chapman, sophomore; Levi Temple, sophomore.

     Girls: Sydney Ballou, junior; Lizzie Petersen, junior; Emily Schlarmann, junior; Gabrielle Steiner, junior. Kehde Campbell, sophomore; Jaelyn Graver, sophomore; Gabrielle Guilford, sophomore; Dru Kramer, sophomore; Maddie Stadtmueller, sophomore; Brooklyn Stark, sophomore.



     Boys: Daltyn Kramer, senior; Austin Timm, senior; David Titman, senior; Carter Cruise, junior; Cole Cruise, junior; Zach Chapman, sophomore; Jasper Nietert, sophomore; Carter Kurt, freshman.

     Girls: Karle Kramer, freshman.


     Boys: Daltyn Kramer, senior; David Titman, senior.

     Girls: Makenna Patterson, senior; Gabrielle Steiner, junior.


     Dan Sauser.



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