Panthers place high at RVC Indoor meet

Alex Nealson of Monticello clears a hurdle in the 60-meter hurdle events during the River Valley Conference Indoor meet March 22 at the University of Dubuque. (Photos by Pete Temple)

T.J. Nealson gets started in the 4x200 relay for the Panthers.
Pete Temple
Express Sports Editor

     Monticello had several high finishes while competing in the River Valley Conference Indoor Track and Field Meet Thursday, March 22 at the University of Dubuque.

     No team scores were kept, but the Panthers had a total of seven top-six finishes during the event.

     Two of those belonged to Avery Martensen, who won the 60-meter hurdles with a time of 7.73 seconds and finished second in the high jump with a leap of 6-foot-2.

     Alex Nealson was fourth in the long jump, with Martensen placing seventh. Also fourth was the distance medley relay team. Gavin Cooper had a fifth place result in the 60-meter dash. Taking sixth were freshman Jasper Nietert in the 800, and the 4x800 relay team.

     There were other strong individual performances as well, Panther coach Greg Williams said.

     “Mason Reuter had a big PR (personal record) in the shot put,” Williams noted. “Caden Ungs jumped to a PR in the high jump.”


March 22

River Valley Conf.

Indoor Meet

(at U. of Dubuque)


     No team scores kept.


     High jump: 2, Avery Martensen, 6-2; 11, Caden Ungs, 5-6; 12, T.J. Nealson, 5-4.

     Long jump: 4, Alex Nealson, 19-3; 7, Avery Martensen, 18-9.

     Shot put: 11, Mason Reuter, 41-0; 12, Lake Stahlberg, 40-8; 29, Luke Weber, 33-10.

     4x800: 6, Monticello A (Aaron Loes, Jasper Nietert, Cole Cruise, Carter Cruise), 9:04.42; 14, Monticello B (David Titman, Zach Chapman, Ben Barnhart, Alex Nealson), 9:44.58.

     60: 5, Gavin Cooper, 7.06; 26, Colin Jordan, 7.52, 30, Brody Brokaw, 7.59.

     60 hurdles: 1, Avery Martensen, 7.73; 22, Alex Nealson, 8.75.

     4x200: 7, Monticello A (Gavin Cooper, Brody Brokaw, Colin Jordan, Max Keleher), 1:39.59; 19, Monticello B (Adam Schmitt, T.J. Nealson, Ben Oswald, Jon Mootz), 1:48.55.

     1,600: 9, Cole Cruise, 5:13.98; 18, Ben Barnhart, 5:36.46; 20, Levi Temple, 5:45.72.

     400: 23, Caden Ungs, 1:05.35; 28, Gavin Baugh, 1:08.29; 29, Keagan Glawatz, 1:08.54.

     Distance medley: 4, Monticello A (Max Keleher, Avery Martensen, Gavin Cooper, Aaron Loes), 3:55.56.

     800: 6, Jasper Nietert, 2:15.28; 13, David Titman, 2:29.48; 22, Jayden Orcutt, 2:49.41.

     200: 20, Brody Brokaw, 26.65; 31, Reid Barnhart, 29.32.

     4x400: 9, Monticello A (Alex Nealson, Aaron Loes, Carter Cruise, Max Keleher), 3:54.65; 11, Monticello B (Gavin Cooper, Adam Schmitt, Kain Luensman, Ethan Tallman), 3:58.37.




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