Panthers travel to Tipton meet


     Getting meets in has been a challenge for high school teams across Iowa this spring, but the Tiger Relays for boys track and field were held as scheduled April 5 in Tipton.

     Monticello was missing some athletes due to the Iowa Jazz Championships being held the same day in Ames, but nonetheless totaled 32 points at the Tipton meet.

     The Panthers had top-five finishes in five events, led by Avery Martensen, who jumped 6-foot in the high jump to finish second, while teammate Caden Ungs was eighth.

     The 4x100-meter relay finished third, and Monticello was fifth twice, with Jasper Nietert in the 3,200 and the 4x200 relay team.

     In junior varsity events, Monticello finished second in the shuttle hurdle relay.


April 5

Tiger Relays

(at Tipton)


     1, Lisbon 81; 2, Center Point-Urbana 80; 3, Mount Vernon 73; 4, Anamosa 69; 5, West Liberty 61; 6, North Cedar 49; 7, Calamus-Wheatland 48; 8, Tipton 38; 9, Bellevue 35; 10, Monticello 32; 11, Durant 12.


     3,200: 5, Jasper Nietert, 10:54.43.

     High jump: 2, Avery Martensen, 6-0; 8 (tie) Caden Ungs, 5-0.

     Long jump: 4, Alex Nealson, 19-3.75.

     4x100: 3, Monticello (Brody Brokaw, Max Keleher, Gavin Cooper, Avery Martensen), 46.47.

     4x200: 5, Monticello (Gavin Cooper, Colin Jordan, Brody Brokaw, Max Keleher), 1:39.14.

     Sprint medley: 7, Monticello (Gavin Cooper, Brody Brokaw, Max Keleher, Carter Cruise), 1:42.73.


     4x100: 6, Monticello (Colin Jordan, Ethan Tallman, Jon Mootz, Ben Oswald), 51.08.

     4x200: 7, Monticello (Reid Barnhart, Jon Mootz, Caden Ungs, Spencer Avery), 1:50.70.

     4x400: 6, Monticello (David Titman, Jasper Nietert, Gavin Baugh, Ben Barnhart), 4:10.77.

     4x800: 8, Monticello (Gavin Baugh, Jayden Orcutt, Keagan Glawatz, Zach Chapman), 10:32.62.

     Shuttle hurdle: 2, Monticello (Caden Ungs, Ben Oswald, T.J. Nealson, Spencer Avery), 1:17.52.

     Sprint medley: 6, Monticello (Ethan Tallman, Adam Schmitt, T.J. Nealson, Kain Luensman), 1:50.37.



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