Panthers win at home, then fall to Bellevue

Levi Temple of Monticello follows through on a warmup roll for the home meet against Cascade Jan. 27.

Evee Krouse warms up for the Panthers just prior to the Cascade meet. (Photos by Pete Temple)
Pete Temple
Express Sports Editor

     Like a lot of teams at a lot of levels in a lot of sports, the Monticello High School bowling teams seem to do most of their best work at home.

     Those results played out last week in a pair of bowling meets, as the Panthers swept Cascade Jan. 27 at Legacy Lanes, but lost both varsity matches Jan. 30 at Horizon Lanes in Bellevue.

     Part of the difference, Monticello coach Brian Meyer said, is that Legacy Lanes has wood lanes, while those at many other bowling centers are synthetic.

     “We get so used to the friction that wood creates,” Meyer said. “Synthetic lanes just provide different friction, and that was evidenced greatly on Thursday.”

     While Monday’s wins over Cascade were enjoyable to the Panthers, they came with a touch of sympathy over Cascade’s situation. The Cougars no longer have a home venue, after a fire in August destroyed Cascade Lanes.

     “Our hearts go out to Cascade for the situation they’re in,” Meyer said.

     Monticello did take care of business in the Cascade meet. The boys (8-4) won 2906 to 2600, taking both the individual and Baker rounds. Levi Temple led the team with a 221-238–459 series, and Caleb Gillmore rolled 192-234–426. Noah Arduser had a 227 game, Philip King had a 197 and Luke Weber bowled a 193.

     “Luke Weber and Philip King came up (from the junior varsity) and bowled very well,” Meyer said.

     The Panther girls (5-6) won by exactly 200, 2068 to 1868, due mostly to winning the individual round by 166. Leah Holub had a 316 two-game series, and Louise Rydell had a 172 as part of a 314 series. Evee Krouse rolled a 171 game for the Panthers.

     “Cascade had some girls who didn’t make the trip, so we didn’t see their best team, but our girls bowled well,” Meyer said.

     The tables were turned at Bellevue Thursday. The Panther boys lost 2981 to 2797. Jacob Farmer had a big day for Monticello, rolling a 233-235–468. Temple had a 226 game; Gillmore rolled a 192, and Logan Farmer had a 190.

     “That’s the great thing about our team,” Meyer said, referring to Jacob Farmer’s success. “When somebody is down, somebody else is picking them up.

     “On the flip side, Bellevue had a freshman (River  Schiefer) that went 279-247. He himself was really the difference.

     Bellevue won the girls’ match as well, 2100 to 1915. Rydell had Monticello’s top two-game series with a 271, while Krouse had 269 and Holub totaled 265.

     “The girls got better the second game,” Meyer said. “They have great attitudes, even when they struggle. They’re learning; they really are coming a long ways.”

Junior varsity

     The Panthers had no junior varsity matches against Cascade, and pulled out a pair of narrow wins over Bellevue. The girls won by 21 pins, 1570 to 1549, led by Kristen Roher’s 245 series, and a 228 from Aleasha Schilling.

     The boys lost by just seven pins, 1775 to 1768. King led the team with a 373 series. Cole Nietert rolled a 150 game.


Jan. 27

(at Legacy Lanes)


     Monticello 2906, Cascade 2600.

Individual round score

     Monticello 1976, Cascade 1788.

Baker round score

     Monticello 930, Cascade 812.

Monticello individual scores

     Levi Temple 221-238–459, Caleb Gillmore 192-234–426, Philip King 197-189–386, Luke Weber 193-168–361, Noah Arduser 117-227–344, Jacob Farmer 145-157–302.


     Monticello 2068, Cascade 1868.

Individual round score

     Monticello 1380, Cascade 1214.

Baker round score

     Monticello 688, Cascade 654.

Monticello individual scores

     Leah Holub 152-164–316, Louise Rydell 142-172–314, Evee Krouse 171-127–298, Rylee Bauer 124-107–231, Kristen Roher 130-91–221, Caroline Olson 77-110–187.


Jan. 30

(at Horizon Lanes,



     Bellevue 2981, Monticello 2797.

Individual round score

     Bellevue 2015, Monticello 1904.

Baker round score

     Bellevue 966, Monticello 893.

Monticello individual scores

     Jacob Farmer 233-235–468, Levi Temple 226-162–388, Logan Farmer 190-164–354, Luke Weber 173-178–351, Caleb Gillmore 192-151–343, Gary Pasker 170-167–339.


     Bellevue 2100, Monticello 1915.

Individual round score

     Bellevue 1451, Monticello 1283.

Baker round score

     Bellevue 649, Monticello 632.

Monticello individual scores

     Louise Rydell 132-139–271, Evee Krouse 128-141–269, Leah Holub 141-124–265, Rylee Bauer 111-136–247, Aubree Fairley 116-115–231, Caroline Olson 105-93–198.


     Bellevue 1775, Monticello 1768.

Individual round score

     Monticello 1226, Bellevue 1218.

Baker round score

     Bellevue 557, Monticello 542.

Monticello individual scores

     Philip King 182-191–373, Cole Nietert 118-150–268, Jackson DeMean 93-113–206, Walker Spence 111-94–205, Connor Hynick 92-82–174, Chris Swift 103-65–168.


     Monticello 1570, Bellevue 1549.

Individual round score

     Monticello 1037, Bellevue 1014.

Baker round score

     Bellevue 535, Monticello 533.

Monticello individual scores

     Kristen Roher 133-112–245, Aleasha Schilling 109-119–228, Adele Hogan 99-112–211, Maddie Parmenter 77-113–190, Marisa Grant 78-85–163, Becky Lang 84-77–161.



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