Panthers win invitational, finish third in RVC meet

Panther Gabby Guilford clears the bar early in high jump competition at the River Valley Conference Meet May 4 in West Liberty. Guilford went on to win the event. (Photos by Pete Temple)

Maddie Lambert (left) hands off to Savanah Kremer in the 4x200-meter relay at Monticello’s home meet May 1.
Pete Temple
Express Sports Editor

     A championship in the Monticello Invitational was followed by a third place finish in the River Valley Conference Meet in a strong week for the Panther girls track and field team.

     North Cedar won the conference title in the RVC meet, held Friday, May 4 in West Liberty after being postponed from Thursday due to poor weather. North Cedar scored 125.5 points, Cascade was second with 109, and Monticello had 95.

     It was a big meet for freshman Gabby Guilford, who won the high jump with a school record-matching leap of 5-foot-4; was part of two champion relays (shuttle hurdle and 4x100), and took second in the  100 hurdles.

     “We thought the night went pretty well,” Monticello coach Darren Reade said. “We were confident out team had the ability to finish in the top three somewhere.

     “Gabby Guilford had another stellar night, and all four (of her) events were gutsy performances.”

     Monticello won three relays in all: the 4x100 team of Guilford, Maddie Lambert, Kaylee Stephen and Anna Loes; the shuttle hurdle team of Stephen, Maria Recker, Macy McDonough and Guilford; and the 4x800 team of Taylor McDonald, Gabrielle Steiner, Jordyn Patterson and Paige Holub.

     “We did get some huge points from relays and individuals who ran their personal bests for the season,” Reade said. “The 4x200, Rachel Larabee in the 3,000, and Emily Schlarmann in the 3,000 and 800 wer a few of those that improved and scored valuable points for the team.”

     At the Monticello meet, there were four Panther champions: Guilford in the high jump, Larabee in the 3,000, and the 4x100 and distance medley teams. The Panthers won three junior varsity relays as well. Reade said the team posted nine personal best times.

     During the meet, the Panther seniors were honored for their contributions to the program.

     “I don’t think there has ever been as decorated a group of runners that have gone through (our program) before now,” Reade said. “They have been fun to watch throughout the years, and they will surely be missed.”

State Qualifying Meet next

     The Panthers will travel to Dike-New Hartford for the Class 2A State Qualifying Meet Thursday, May 10. Field events begin at 4 p.m.

     The top two finishers in each event will automatically qualify for the May 17-19 state meet in Des Moines. Eight at-large entries from across the state, per event, will also qualify.


May 1

Monticello Inv.


     1, Monticello 127.5; 2, Anamosa 121; 3, Dyersville Beckman 89; 4, Solon 71; 5, North Cedar 61.5; 6, Iowa City Regina 48; 7, West Branch 38; 8, Mount Vernon 18; 9, Clinton Prince of Peace 6.


     100: 5, Leah Holub, 13.57.

     200: 4, Taylor McDonald, 1:05.70.

     800: 2, Paige Holub, 2:29.43; 5, Emily Schlarmann, 2:43.27.

     100 hurdles: 2, Gabby Guilford, 16.41.

     1,500: 2, Jordyn Patterson, 5:13.91; 3, Rachel Larabee, 5:42.76.

     3,000: 1, Rachel Larabee, 12:31.85.

     400 hurdles: 2, Tori McDonald, 1:18.95.

     Discus: 6, Brianna Burmahl, 93-5.

     High jump: 1, Gabby Guilford, 5-3; 6 (tie), Emily Schlarmann, 4-8.

     Shot put: 6, Megan Mahoney, 32-6.5.

     4x100: 1, Monticello (Gabby Guilford, Maddie Lambert, Kaylee Stephen, Anna Loes), 52.01.

     4x200: 2, Monticello (Leah Holub, Maddie Lambert, Savanah Kremer, Kaylee Stephen), 1:55.88.

     4x400: 2, Monticello (Taylor McDonald, Gabrielle Steiner, Jordyn Patterson, Paige Holub), 4:18.06.

     4x800: 3, Monticello (Gabrielle Steiner, Emily Schlarmann, Tori McDonald, Lauren Lambert), 10:57.54.

     Shuttle hurdle: 3, Monticello (Leah Holub, Savanah Kremer, Maddie Lambert, Jordyn Patterson), 1:59.92.

     Distance medley: 1, Monticello (Anna Loes, Taylor McDonald, Paige Holub, Gabrielle Steiner), 4:32.89.


     4x100: 4, Monticello (Amelia Anderson, Allison Barnhart, Kristen Roher, Lauren Bader), 1:01.13.

     4x200: 1, Monticello (Tori McDonald, Lauren Bader, Meredith Melchert, Caitlyn Cruise), 2:01.61.

     4x400: 1, Monticello (Emily Schlarmann, Sydney Ballou, Karli Recker, Olivia Kremer), 4:41.64.

     4x800: 3, Monticello (Sydney Ballou, Karli Recker, Maddie Stadtmueller, Olivia Kremer), 12:01.69.

     Shuttle hurdle: 1, Monticello (Emma Brighton, Reese Cox, Sophie Hodge, Jaelynn Kraus), 1:18.95.

     Sprint medley: 4, Monticello (Hope Vorbeck, Sami Fritz, Hayley Manternach, Kehde Campbell), 2:37.49.

     Distance medley: 2, Monticello (Sami Fritz, Jaelyn Graver, Lizzie Petersen, Makenna Patterson), 5:47.43.


May 4

River Valley Conf. Meet

(at West Liberty)


     1, North Cedar 125.5; 2, Cascade 109; 3, Monticello 95; 4, Mid-Prairie 92; 5, Tipton 59.5; 6, Northeast 57; 7, Camanche 42; 8, West Branch 38.5; 9, Iowa City Regina 37; 10, Bellevue 33; 11, Wilton 32.5; 12, Durant 17; 13, West Liberty 3.


     100: 6, Leah Holub, 13.74.

     400: 7, Taylor McDonald, 1:03.70.

     800: 3, Paige Holub, 2:26.11; 6, Emily Schlarmann, 2:38.71.

     100 hurdles: 2, Gabby Guilford, 16.52.

     1,500: 3, Paige Holub, 5:02.37; 7, Jordyn Patterson, 5:19.21.

     3,000: 6, Rachel Larabee, 11:46.65; 7, Emily Schlarmann, 12:00.88.

     400 hurdles: 8, Tori McDonald, 1:19.13.

     High jump: 1, Gabby Guilford, 5-4.

     4x100: 1, Monticello (Gabby Guilford, Maddie Lambert, Kaylee Stephen, Anna Loes), 51.80.

     4x200: 4, Monticello (Leah Holub, Maddie Lambert, Savanah Kremer, Kaylee Stephen), 1:54.92.

     4x400: 2, Monticello (Taylor McDonald, Gabrielle Steiner, Jordyn Patterson, Paige Holub), 4:13.30.

     4x800: 1, Monticello (Taylor McDonald, Gabrielle Steiner, Jordyn Patterson, Paige Holub), 10:08.52.

     Shuttle hurdle: 1, Monticello (Kaylee Stephen, Maria Recker, Macy McDonough, Gabby Guilford), 1:09.50.

     Sprint medley: 8, Monticello (Leah Holub, Savanah Kremer, Maddie Lambert, Tori McDonald), 2:02.89.

     Distance medley: 4, Monticello (Anna Loes, Taylor McDonald, Jordyn Patterson, Gabrielle Steiner), 4:35.21.



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