Parks & Rec plans for inclusive playground

City Council
Kim Brooks
Express Editor

     Monticello is one step closer to getting an inclusive playground.

     At the Feb. 17 Monticello City Council meeting, the council approved the proposed location of the new playground. Parks and Recreation, which is taking the lead on the fundraising for the project, looks to build the playground near the pavilion outside the Aquatic Center. It is estimated to take up approximately 5,000 square feet with a variety of freestanding structures. This playground will not take the place of the playground near the fountain.

     “The Parks Board settled on this location,” noted Parks and Rec Director Jacob Oswald. “It’s ideal because of the Aquatic Center.”

     Oswald said Parks and Rec gets several requests for shelter rentals throughout the season. Many of those requests include a nearby playground. The shelter near the Aquatic Center is the second most rented shelter in Monticello.

     An inclusive playground is designed to allow all children to play, no matter their disabilities. A typical inclusive playground encourages social play, integrates all of the senses, and is developmentally appropriate.

     Parks and Rec met with one equipment company, and hopes to meet with another to seek quotes and layout options. Boland Recreation out of Marshalltown provided two options with price tags of $101,894 and $109,406. The higher quote includes benches.

     “It looks like you have a nice plan and have the right place (for it),” complimented Council member Dave Goedken. “This could also help with the bottom line at the Aquatic Center.”

     Oswald said Parks and Rec is looking for grants and plans to raise funds as well for the project.


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