People give of time, talent, money for greater good

To the Editor,

   I have no idea what the value would be of all that is produced in Jones County each year. It must be a very large number.

   However, no matter what that number is, it will not exceed the value of the efforts of the good citizens, reared by the good families that are residents of Jones County. The contributions made by our citizens cannot be measured in dollars and cents. Just take a minute sometime to consider how much is contributed every year by the good folks in our communities just because they care and are willing to share what they have. Whether it is the board of supervisors (and I am proud to say that my friend, Jon Zirkelbach, is one of them and has earned the privilege to continue serving in that capacity), city councils, school boards, church council, or whatever, there is always someone willing to give of their time, talent, and sometimes money.

   My nine years on the school board reminded me of something Abe Lincoln said: “I guess people are going to be about as happy as they choose to be.”

   So, instead of seeing what fault we can find, let us thank God for what we have and support those willing to sacrifice to make it happen.

Clyde E. Meyer

Monticello, Iowa



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