Positive self-talk and mantras

Guest Column
MercyCare Monticello team

We all have a set of messages that play over and over in our head. It can be questions, replaying a conversation in our head, preparing for something, pepping yourself up or talking yourself down. 

Negative self-talk can knowingly increase your stress levels, and it can stop you from searching for solutions. Shifting your mindset from negative to positive can reduce stress and anxiety. Try writing down the messages that pop into your head. Now try to come up with positive phrases to override those negative ones. 

Examples: Shift from “You can’t do anything right” to “Learning from mistakes helps me become a better person.” Override “I can’t handle this” with “How can I handle this?” 

Research shows that silently repeating a positive word or phrase produces powerful psychological changes. Mantras create and strengthen new positive neural pathways rather than toxic ones. People utilize mantras to relax, or in times of stress or chaos. Some are simply one word such as “breathe,” “relax,” or “smile.” Others are phrases such as, “I am blessed,” “you’ve got this,” or “everything will be alright.” 

Mantras can be life changing. The more we repeat them, the happier and calmer we feel. 

For more help with self-talk, talk to your primary care provider or contact Mercy EAP at 319-398-6694.


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