Praise for Monticello Veterans Day honors

Express Editorial

     With Veterans Day on Sunday, Nov. 11 this year, many public entities honored the day on Monday, Nov. 12.

     Monticello High School students and staff openly welcomed 20-plus veterans that morning for an assembly. Monticello veterans Doug Kramer and Clyde Meyer addressed the full house. Veteran Armin Jacobs had the honor of unveiling a wooden plaque that contains the names of numerous Monticello-area WWII veterans who served their country.

     That evening, veterans were treated to a free soup supper and program inside the Veterans Hall in downtown Monticello. Kim Tauke of Monticello and her crew of women handed out nine unique, hand-made, patriotic Quilts of Valor.

     The material for each quilt is carefully chosen in honor of the veteran recipient. The quilts are personalized with the veterans’ service history and information.

     During the ceremony, the quilts are held up for all to see, and then draped over the veterans’ shoulders, wrapping them each in a sea of red, white and blue. The presenter then hugs the veteran, a sign of peace and love, thanking them for their courageous service to this country.

     The Express covered both events. (The Quilts of Valor article/photos were held for this week’s paper due to print deadlines.) While in attendance at the Veterans Hall that evening, I heard nothing but positive remarks and praise for the amazing service held at MHS that morning. The veterans, Denny Gray in particular, felt the ceremony was quite fitting as a way to honor their sacrifices in life.

     Kudos to MHS and teacher Todd Hospodarsky for honoring our local veterans this way. Many, veterans and civilians alike, were blown away by the tunnel of students and staff applauding and thanking the veterans as they made their way into the auditorium. Our own Pete Temple was surprised by the gesture as well, noting it was quite fitting.

     Both of my parents are U.S. Army veterans. I know I take their service and sacrifice for granted. We should all thank a veteran every day, not just on Veterans Day, for their service. We should never forget… (K.N.B.)



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