Renew Skin Bar opens up in Monticello

In early June, Monticello welcomed Renew Skin Bar to town. Pictured is Amy Clark, owner of Renew Skin Bar. Clark’s goal for the salon is to help people feel more confident in their skin. (Photos by Hannah Gray)
Hannah Gray
Express Intern

     Amy Clark opened Renew Skin Bar in early June with one goal in mind- to help people feel more confident about their skin.

     Clark is no stranger to skin care. She’s had an interest in it for her entire life, and now she’s found a way to make it into a career for herself.                                 

     After working at J&P Cycles for 14 years, Clark’s job was relocated to Dallas, Texas. Instead of moving, she decided she wanted to stay in Monticello with her family and open her business.

     “I have always been interested in skin care and it just gave me an opportunity to go back to school, and pursue something that I was really passionate about,” Clark said.

     The first step Clark took to start her business was attending a 720- hour program in September of last year, through Capri College in Cedar Rapids. This earned Clark the title of a licensed esthetician, also known as a license for skin care. This certification gives her the ability to perform services such as facials, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, reiki and full body waxing, which are all offered at Renew Skin Bar.

     After earning her certification, Clark had to find the right location for her salon. Clark lives in Monticello along with her family and she thought the salon would be a nice addition to the town, making it the perfect spot for her new business.

     “A skin-specific business is not something we have in Monticello, so I thought it was something good we could add to our community.”

     In addition to the services, Clark also sells products at her salon. She specifically chose to sell the product line, Glymed Plus, because it is cruelty free, highly effective, and made by estheticians for professionals. These products include cleansers, toners, body lotions, moisturizers and an acne pack.               

     Renew Skin Bar attracts all kinds of people, from teens to aging men and women. Clark says she dealt with skin problems in high school and wants to help anyone with hopes to improve their own skin.

     “I think the first thing anyone sees about you is your face so I think that if I can help someone improve their skin, that’s such a confidence booster.”

     Clark’s goals for Renew Skin Bar is to grow her clientele and keep the services she has, with a possible addition of an exfoliation service.

     Clients can make appointments online through the Renew Skin Bar Facebook page or text/call Clark at 319-480-0683. Clark is available for appointments during the day on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday and in the evening on Thursdays, by appointment only.

     Renew Skin Bar is located in Monticello at 413 E. Oak St., Suite #3.



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