Rep. McKean sees passage of school transportation bill

     Rep. Andy McKean announced passage of legislation that will provide school districts across the state that have high transportation costs with additional state funding to pay for student transportation.

     “This is a huge win for schools in rural Iowa,” said McKean. “The more dollars spent just to transport a student to school means that much less money makes it to the classroom. This additional funding will provide schools with much-needed relief and ensures that more resources can be used to improve students’ educational experience.”

     The following schools in McKean’s district will receive additional transportation funding as a result of this bill:

     • Midland, $109,397.73

     • Olin, $69,909.86

     • Andrew, $96,176.32

     • Easton Valley, $29,147.46

     • Bellevue, $17,563.17

     • Western Dubuque, $552,618.07

     The State of Iowa provides schools with funding of about $6,700 for each student in a school district, but transportation costs can vary widely among districts. Some school districts spend as little as $100 per student, while others spend nearly $1,000 per student. This legislation will bring the maximum transportation cost down to $432 per student for every school, by providing an additional $11.2 million in state aid. This bill will directly benefit 140 of Iowa’s 333 school districts, mostly in rural parts of the state.


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