Reynolds is true Iowan for Governor

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor,

     Iowa is booming.

     With Governor Reynolds we have seen record low unemployment at 2.5 percent and the largest middle class tax cut in Iowa history!

     Fred Hubbell wants to undo all of this. He wants to raise your taxes. He claims he has all of these ideas but how does he plan on funding them? Personally, I am tired of politicians who want to raise my taxes so they can redistribute the wealth.

     Gov. Reynolds has been fiscally responsible and has balanced our state budget with a $127 million surplus all while investing more money than ever in education and mental health reform. You don’t get a better candidate than Kim Reynolds because she’s the only true Iowan up for Governor.

     Please support Gov. Reynolds with your vote on Nov. 6!

Mike Davies

Anamosa, Iowa



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