Rodenberg bids farewell to Midland Schools

Guest Column
Brian Rodenberg
Midland CSD Superintendent

     This article marks the end of my superintendent tenure for the Midland Community School District. Writing these entries has provided me an opportunity to share with you the key issues that have faced Midland. I have also been able to express my gratitude for the opportunity I was provided at Midland. I am also very proud to have been the superintendent at Midland.

     Much has been accomplished during my tenure at Midland. It has taken the effort of many people to make it all come together and to be in a good place as a school district today and for many years to come.

     The facility changes are obvious. When I do my usual walk-though of the construction site, I often think to myself, “Wow!!” What Midland will have when the project is completed is going to be something special for generations to come. It can become an emotional experience and each day that I go to the work area, I can see the potential even more.

     The financial position of the district is as good as it has been for a long time. That has been a result of a board of education making tough decisions a decade ago to set things in place to allow our financial standing to improve to its current level. I am certain that the board will continue with making decisions that will provide a sound educational plan for the students while maintaining a focus on the financial status of the district.

     As students change, we have made changes in the way we deliver instruction as well. The commitment to professional development for our staff has created a teaching staff that has developed their skills as educators by continually seeking better ways to reach their students. The use of technology in teaching and learning is ever evolving and many changes will continue to appear over time. We have dedicated resources to provide technology that will make our school more efficient and our students proficient in their own technology skills that will serve them into the future.

     No matter what kind of facility or how much technology a district has, a school’s success is based on the people. It all starts with the school board with a focus on what is best for kids. The Midland board gave me an opportunity to lead this district. For that I am grateful. Board members have changed over the years, but all have served with distinction and I applaud their service. The staff has shown their dedication to the students and school district. I have been honored to have been a part of such a staff. Those who have dedicated their entire careers to Midland are impressive. The new staff members that have been hired have stepped in and continued the level of excellence that had been established.

     The students are what it is all about. I have been impressed with the type of people our students have become and I look forward to see what the future holds for our current students from the preschoolers to our recent graduates.

     Finally, I want to thank the parents and community members, who have supported the students, staff and school in so many ways over the years. The support for the bond issue was so impressive and will be one thing I will never forget.

     On a personal note, Midland provided me an opportunity that I will always cherish. I always tried to make decisions that were best for the kids and the Midland district. I am also very grateful for the professional and personal relationships that I have had a chance to develop over the years.

     I have been truly blessed. I had a great support group of teachers and family while growing up in Garnavillo, Iowa. As an educator, my fellow teachers, staff members and administrators have dedicated our lives to our students. My students have done well and I have seen them become successful adults. I have had the opportunity to work with some of the best people I will ever come to know. Many people have had an impact my life and I want to thank them from the bottom of my heart.


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