Rotary Club’s trivia night raises money for fountain project

Staff report

     The Monticello Rotary Club is asking the community to help raise money for Fountain Park.

     The Rotary Club is hosting a trivia night event on Saturday, March 30 at the Monticello Eagles Club. Dinner is served at 6 p.m.; trivia begins at 7 p.m.

     There are two levels of participation:

     • Sponsorship at $150 for a team of six. This level includes the taco bar dinner and a drink ticket for each team member. Sponsors also get the privilege of one Google search during trivia, a preferred table location, and recognition during the event.

     • Non-sponsor at $60 per team of six. This level still includes one drink ticket for each team member, and one Google search

     Non-sponsors can take part in the taco bar meal as well, paid separately from the trivia night fee.

     Teams can contain no more than six participants. If you have less than six members, you will still be required to pay either $150 or $60.

     Two local businesses have already paid $150 each to help sponsor the event: HCH Real Estate and All Seasons Auto Body. The Rotary Club event committee is working on putting teams together on behalf of both businesses. If others wish to help sponsor trivia night without a participating team, that is an option.

     The Rotary Club’s trivia night theme is “Spring Break.” Teams are encouraged to dress in the theme for bonus team points and prizes.

     There will be two rounds of questions, six categories per round, and five questions per category, for a total of 60 Jeopardy-type questions. Some of the categories include “Golden Girls” and “Rock and Roll.”

     To inquire about becoming a sponsor or to register your team, contact committee member Greg Quinn at 563-451-6809.

     All of the proceeds from trivia night will go toward phase one of the City of Monticello’s Fountain Park Project. The Rotary Club hopes to raise between $1,500 and $2,000 from this event.

     To date, approximately $40,000 has been raised via donations and grants for phase one. This first phase is expected to cost around $52,000. The city council has agreed to contribute $12,000 from what remains in the Aquatic Center Fund.

     Phase one will bring the dormant fountain into working condition. Phase two, at an approximate cost of $43,000, will include improving the aesthetics of the fountain area such as lighting, seating, plantings, etc.

     This isn’t the first time the Rotary Club has contributed toward the Fountain Park Project. Trivia night proceeds will be paired with additional club investments for a match for a Rotary District Simplified Grant. This could result in a donation of $5,000 to $10,000.

     “The Rotary Club wanted to do something for and with the public,” said City Administrator and Rotary Club member Doug Herman. “This allows us to raise money as a service, do something different versus just writing a check.”



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